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Entering the 20s sounds like so much fun. Or at least, that is the presumption of the majority. Youth is tantalizing in the eyes of the ageing and adolescents, but honestly, ever since I’ve hit the big two-oh, it is almost akin to swallowing a big ball of stress.

Being young isn’t easy, especially since one is living in one of the most competitive and expensive cities in the world… Here’s a breakdown of a list of concerns and mind you, it is rather tedious.

Career Planning.

The thought of holding an actual job sounds unthinkable. I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that holding a master’s degree as a professional Facebook stalker isn’t a real occupation. It’s time to get a decent job and decide objectively on one’s career path. Entering the workforce is no walk in the park and surely there must be something that you are actually good at…

Finding your religion.

I’ve done many YOLO live-for-the-moment stunts that I’m pretty proud of; however, I don’t know, sometimes you find yourself being really passionate about something, and then you head home feeling rather empty.

What’s the purpose of all this? I mean, this God that your friends speak about, is it just a spoof in their heads that acts as an illusion to make life more worthwhile? It’s all mind boggling, but I have come to realize that for many, religion does play a crucial role, especially in such a trying time like your twenties.


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Extending your social network/finding friends.

Most friendships are built around this time of your life, after that, it is unlikely that anyone will put in any efforts to make friends at all. It isn’t impossible, but simply much harder.

Opening yourself up to others is crucial for any twenty-year-old and believe me, even if these connections made may appear seemingly meaningless now, they will eventually pay off in the long run. Who knows? Your drinking buddies might just end up being your business partners.

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Dealing with Death. 

There is no good way to put this: people grow old and die. Part of growing up is to deal with this and even I am not too sure how we can ever come to terms with the loss of our loved ones. I attended my first funeral when I was twenty and I was crying my eyes out like a kid. I do not know if time can even heal these wounds but I am certain that for every twenty-year-old’s first encounter with death, being mature enough to internalize everything will definitely make the memory all the more impactful and heart-wrenching.

Earning enough money.  

Alright, you might argue that this is a persistent problem regardless of age, yet ever since I’ve turned twenty, my parents have been making not-so-subtle remarks about how much it cost them to raise me up; even though they insist that such reminders are entirely out of good faith. All of a sudden, your parents are not the cash cows of the family, you are.

Remember, money does not grow on trees. How much is considered enough? These woes are going to be a very real problem faster than you think.


Falling in love.

This issue is further aggravated if you hang out with a group of people who are nearly all happily attached to someone else and you constantly feel like a third wheel in any social situation. The little voice in your head that keeps nagging at you is only going to get louder as the days go by every moment you spend being single.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing you can do about this except to rely on destiny or possibly end up pulling a Ted Mosby (character from the hit-series How I Met Your Mother) in your relentless pursuit for love.


Essentially, the strike of the Quarter-Life Crisis is inevitable.

What are the things that really matter? What are the things that I want to do that really matter to me? What are the things that I believe in?

Do all the things that I used to believe in still hold true?

By asking yourself these questions, perhaps with little hope, your identity might just start to emerge as you begin to embrace your new-found independency. Indeed, it may be a turbulent time, but ifit’s any consolation, everyone in their twenties is facing somewhat similar situations. In a desperate struggle to find oneself whilst fighting against the ticking time, sometimes, it seems so much easier to give up worrying about the future and just resort to taking Buzzfeed quizzes to figure it all out. Deep down, you know it is really going to turn out all fine in the end, just take a look at your parents.

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