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Removing cards from your wallet can be a huge dilemma sometimes. You feel bad because you’re holding up the queue. While the customers are giving you the stink eye and mumbling under their breath, the cashier is impatiently tapping her fingers on the board mentally calculating the number of hours left in her evening shift. You, on the other hand, are busy foraging for your credit card thinking that this has got to be the least proudest moment in your entire life.
Thanks to a certain reddit thread, you proceed to put sticky tapes on the cards to easily remove them from your wallet. Sure, it works. But admit it, it’s butt ugly. Hey, it’s okay. You tried.
Image Credit: Camsa

Shaped like guitar picks, the Camsa Clip aims to help you to pull out cards from your purse with ease and style. This new Kickstarter project is an epitome of functionality and simplicity. According to its campaign page, these clips “adheres flush to the edge of any card in your wallet with a peel and stick adhesive backing.”

Made in USA from eco-friendly materials, they promote inspirational quotes such as ‘Share The Love’ and ‘I Want World Peace’. It’s the little things that count and they certainly remind me of the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Image Credit: CAMSA

When Jennifer An started experiencing positive changes in her life, she became filled with gratitude, which eventually gave her the idea of her company name — Camsa. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the Korean word for ‘thank you’. The campaign has since achieved its goal of $5,000 and it has 4 more days to go.

“The idea of Camsa Clip was born when I aligned my life practice with my invention.” — Jennifer An

Vulcan Post spoke to Jennifer about the ups and down of venturing out on her own company. Carry on reading to find out more about her favourite quotes, life lessons and more!

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Image Credit: Camsa

I love the colours you’ve picked out for the Camsa Clips — I mean, you can’t go wrong with pastel. On the Kickstarter page, it states that you make it a daily habit to post inspirational affirmations everywhere. Could you share what are your some of favourite quotes?

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it! – Maya Angelou

Always do what you’re afraid to do – Ralph Emerson

The idea for the Camsa Clip was conceived in 2007, but it took a while to kickstart the project. What did you learn from the experience?

Oh wow, where do I start? I had an office job, so it was unrealistic for me to quit to and go all in with my gadget idea. I was fearful about everything – “What if it doesn’t work out, what will I do if I quit my job, what if people don’t like my idea?” After doing a lot of self-reflection via yoga and meditation, I realized other people’s opinions don’t matter in the end. It’s about what I want in my lifetime. Will I regret not following through with Camsa Clips in my fifties? And the answer was yes!

Image Credit: Camsa

Also, it was all about timing. Truthfully I didn’t have the mental clarity nor all the resources aligned to execute my gadget idea back then. Everything started to shift for me when I learned to let go and be grateful. That’s when the idea clicked to add affirmations to the clips. In addition, I had a super cool and understanding boss at my old company; he was always an advocate for me to follow my dreams.

There’s a next generation of the Camsa Clips — that’s awesome! Do we get any hints to what they’re going to be like?

I would love to play around with this idea and have fun with it! Perhaps we will have a licensing agreement with the NFL and have Seattle Seahawks on them!

Image Credit: Camsa

By the looks of it, the Camsa Clips seems to be able to withstand wear and tear. Could you share what’s the durability like?

Yes, you’re absolutely correct. It’s durable enough to do the job right! The idea is for users to recycle them as new inspirations arise, so they are semi-permanent vs. permanent.

Now for the random and fun part. How would you describe the Camsa Clips in one word?

Butterfly! We may think we are a caterpillar on the inside, but that isn’t true – we’re all gorgeous inside.

Do you find yourself straining to remove your cards from your wallet? If those sticky tapes aren’t helping, you might want to shift your attention to the Camsa Clips. Hop on over to Kickstarter to back the project.

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