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As a millennial, I appreciate technology. I really do.

Where would I be without Twitter and Google Maps?

And I also appreciate more women paying attention to women’s health in general. A neat way to keep track of your health, ladies, is by keeping an eye on Aunt Flo.

Tracking your menstrual cycle lets you know if your body is functioning as it should, and it’s a great deal easier to talk to your doctor if you have some record of your periods. Since we probably don’t have enough grey matter to keep all this stuff in our heads, why not let your ever-present smartphone do it for you?

While I may advocate period-tracking apps, there are a lot of things that even the most popular apps miss out on. So if you’re reading, app developers out there, here’s how to make a period-tracking app ladies everywhere will want to actually use.

Delicious food? Don’t mind if I do.

Sync it to delivery apps

What kind of delivery, you ask? Well, what about food delivery site FoodPanda, for one? I suggest a feature that makes it possible to order food (especially pizza) with the tap of a button. It sure would be nice to have food delivery on speed dial for those moments where you can’t decide if you’re angry or sad, so you just decide to be hungry instead.

Speaking of delivery apps, any self-respecting period-tracker would sync itself to the amazing service known as PSLove, a subscription service which sends you a little care package each month to make Aunt Flo’s visits a lot more bearable. Healthy snacks, tea, heatpacks, and pads delivered to your doorstep sounds like something to look forward to each month!

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Institute a rewards system

Since that time of the month can be a real drag, why not install a rewards system that cheers up the user? Period-trackers should reward you for keeping track of your cycle by letting you unlock virtual prizes over the course of your period. For instance, the achievement “BFF – Synchronise Your Cycle with Another Female” should be a real thing.

Suggested rewards include: free wallpapers of cuddly puppies, some new stickers, Watsons or Guardian reward points, or a .gif of an adorable animal being silly. Optionally, you could have 50G credited to your significant other’s Xbox account for the achievement “I Scream – Obtain Ice Cream”.

Warning: Run to the drugstore.

Helpful Reminders
Life is hectic, we know. So you can’t be blamed for sudden emergencies. But imagine never having to dispatch a friend to run down to Watsons while you wait anxiously in a toilet stall. Any period-tracking app worth its salt would have a notification appear (with trumpet fanfare) on your phone about 4 days before the start of your period so you can start preparing. You’ll never be caught off guard again!

Bonus points if the app sends you little daily tips on what foods to eat to avoid bloating and what to do to alleviate cramps, and sends a reminder to your significant other’s phone every so often to remind them to buy you fried chicken.

Believe you me, this period-tracking app will take off in no time. Did we miss any features for the perfect period-tracking app? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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