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Published 2014-04-24 12:30:18

For every girl, periods can feel pretty horrible.

Not only do you have to deal with the aches and cramps, foul moods, but there are also the frequent trips to buy mountains of sanitary pads to get you by. And this happens every month! A new Singapore online company PSLove understands what ladies go through, and they want to help. For ladies, with a small monthly fee, you will be able to stop making those trips to the pharmacy and have everything you need sent right to your doorstep, with a few little treats to get you by.

It all started when Peck Ying realized how frequent her trips to get Pads were.

Periods are not something that I keep on top of my head all the time, yet I have to remember it just so I don’t run out of pads.

Inspired by the newest trend of subscription services, she and partner Leb decided to start PSLove as a Pad subscription. “Personally, as a girl experiencing many years of having my period, since I’m using it every month, why can’t there be a subscription for it.

pslove box

To test their idea, they took to the street to pitch their product to several ladies. They found out that ladies hate having their periods (to no surprise) and it would be a great idea to not only deliver the pads to your doorstep, but also include a care package filled with healthy snacks, tea, masks, and heatpacks, to provide the emotional support and comfort every girl needs and deserves.


What is more intriguing to them was what guys go through when their partners are having their period. “Guys are shy to talk about “Periods” and most are even clueless about it,” says Leb. “They actually find PSLove a useful service to show care for their partners. It may help prevent PMS abuse!

There needs to be more education in this aspect on how to show care and concern for your other half,” says Peck Ying.

PSLove team
PSLove team

They also have an app in the works to help girls track their periods and time PSLove deliveries to make sure that they always reach you in time. “Besides being a functional tool to help our subscribers track their cycle and delivery (and allowing us to learn their cycles over time to ensure timely delivery), they will also be able to “thumbs up” the goodies they like and help us curate better products for them,” says Peck Ying. On top of the app, PSLove will also be starting customizable boxes to suit everyone’s preferences in two months’ time.

Recently launched in early April, the team will be sending out their first batch of PSLove boxes in May within Singapore. Even with their 60% success rate in their pitches, the founders are very aware that habits are hard to break. “Many people are still saying that it’s very easy to go to the store to buy pads. But we’re trying to tell them ‘hey, imagine a world where you didn’t have to buy pads anymore.’

It may meet with early inertia in its first few batches, but it is very likely that this new online service will pick up speed once word gets out. PSLove will change the way ladies live their life, and anyone who refuses to see that is definitely missing out.

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