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Kingdom Hearts 3 fans are in for a treat if this latest revelation is indeed true. Bill Farmer, who has been the voice behind Disney’s iconic character for years in both the Kingdom Hearts games and various cartoons, says that the highly anticipated sequel will finally make its debut this year. He also went on to mention that his voice recording for the game has already been wrapped up.

Image Credit: KDrama Stars
Image Credit: KDrama Stars

The source of the news came from Farmer’s tweets, which was quickly discovered and posted on NeoGAF, a dedicated gaming forum. However, given Square Enix’s rather quiet stance on the project, Farmer might just be mistaken. When further queried by fans, he’s very adamant that the game will indeed be released this year.

He mentioned that recording has been taking place for the last few years. Not only that, Farmer was, as expected, being rather coy upon being asked about whether any new worlds will be introduced, stating that the voice over process is done before anything else. He also said that he has been in too many recording sessions to remember any specific lines. Having said that, being the professional that he is, Farmer wouldn’t spoil anything for series fans.

Image Credit: http://alexanderreyes26.deviantart.com
Image Credit: http://alexanderreyes26.deviantart.com

IGN has reportedly asked the game’s co-director, Tai Yasue, about Kingdom Hearts being released this year. His answer was a vague “as quick as possible.”

What do we think?

The game will sadly most likely be delayed to 2016 as past Square-Enix games were delayed months if not years before they were released. One only has to look at Final Fantasy XIII, the highly anticipated RPG that was first touted as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Not only did the game release on the Xbox 360, there were numerous delays as Square-Enix had to develop an entirely new game engine for next-gen consoles.

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