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Published 2014-08-14 11:00:48

For the sixth episode of Vulcan TV, we are really fortunate to have visited foodpanda‘s headquarters in Singapore.

Avid readers of Vulcan Post would have known, we have covered foodpanda quite extensively, the company allows you to easily order food online and get them delivered to your doorsteps instantly.

To help bring more food to hungry customers in 45 countries globally, foodpanda recently also received an investment of $60 million in new financing from a group of investors, making the total investment into the company to a tune of over $100 million since it was started in 2012.


For Vulcan TV, we were very privileged to speak to Ralf Wenzel, the co-founder and global managing director for foodpanda for our exclusive interview segment. A huge thanks to Lester who was our host for the episode.

Vulcan TV would like to thank foodpanda for their patience and time to have the crew over.

Photos we took at foodpanda's office!
Team working hard to make sure you get your food!
Photos we took at foodpanda's office!
Photos we took at foodpanda’s office!
Photos we took at foodpanda's office!
Group Photo!

Here’s the interview and office tour we did with foodpanda:

0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Introduction of Ralf Wenzel, the cofounder and global managing director for foodpanda
0:51 – How foodpanda started
2:35 – The inception of foodpanda in Singapore and the reasons behind it
3:25 – Why the name foodpanda
3:59 – Special Panda Appearance on the background! 🙂
4:20 – How foodpanda helps restaurants
4:55EXCLUSIVE – Future expansion plan globally for foodpanda
6:10 – Thoughts of Singaporean preferences to eat out at hawker centres
7:05– Different food ordering trends around the world
9:04 – Early days in foodpanda Singapore, and key to knowing how and when to expand to other markets
10:10 – Rapid Fire Segment – Find out Ralf’s dream date, his top 3 apps, favourite German player of the world cup and many more!
11:55 – Closing

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