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Thinking of tackling that gigantic bucket list sitting in your dusty drawer?

Hold your horses, because you should really check out these splendid photographers on Instagram. Take a look at their remarkable shots and go plan that dream destination of yours!

Mustafa Seven

Image credit: Mustafa Seven's Instagram
Image credit: Mustafa Seven’s Instagram

Mustafa Seven used to underestimate taking photos with a camera phone. However, it all changed in 2009 when he got his first iPhone. Born in Sivas, Turkey in 1974, the professional photographer has been living in Istanbul since he was two years old. He manages his own photography studio and previously worked as a photography editor for Turkish newspaper Aksam until 2011. According to Huffington Post, he cites old buildings, cats, dogs and people as inspiration behind his works.

Murad Osmann

Image credit: Murad Osmann's Instagram
Image credit: Murad Osmann’s Instagram

One look at Murad Osmann’s Instagram tells us he has led a very exciting life. The 29-year-old always had a passion for arts and described photography as “a way to bring images that I hold in my mind to the surface.” Entitled Follow Me, this personal photography project records Osmann’s travels around the world. What makes it special is that in every photo, it shows his girlfriend leading the way. This highly original idea was a major success and earned him 1 million followers – and counting! Not only that, it also made his girlfriend a star!

Plus, although we mostly only see his girlfriend’s back, you can tell she has a fantastic sense of style.


Image credit: onthere77's Instagram
Image credit: onthere77’s Instagram

If you peruse Onder Turkmen’s Instagram feed, you would never have guessed that he’s an entrepreneur. Turkmen, who hails from Istanbul, Turkey, is probably best known as the founder & CEO at 365ist.com, an online fashion store that offers women’s wear from world famous brands as well as Turkish brands. A quick look at his remarkable pictures on the photo-sharing network shows his passion for the arts and culture of countries around the globe.

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Image credit: Sezyilmaz's Instagram
Image credit: Sezyilmaz’s Instagram

Sezgin Yilmaz. You’re gonna want to remember this guy’s name, people. He’s going to be huge. It sure looks like Yilmaz’s been to every part of the world, but during an interview with Citizen Brooklyn, he shares that he has never been to Brooklyn and he would love to shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Visual Communication Design graduate is closing to a million followers on Instagram and he deserves every bit of it. 


Image credit: hirozzzz's Instagram
Image credit: hirozzzz’s Instagram

Want to know something big about Hiroaki Fukuda? He’s never owned a camera. According to this Tumblr blog, he does all his photography works using an iPhone. UK leading travel company Thomson recently named Fukuda as one of the top 10 travel bloggers to follow on Instagram. Head over to this Japanese photographer’s Instagram page and be amazed with his amazing photography skills!


Image credit: jasonmpeterson's Instagram
Image credit: jasonmpeterson’s Instagram

Black and white has never looked so mind-blowingly beautiful. During an interview with Instagram Talk, Peterson cites Harry Callahan, Ray Metzker, Bresson and John Cowan as his major influences. The 42-year old runs Havas Worldwide, an advertising and marketing company based in Chicago.

Who said you need colours to create beauty?


Image credit: Printic with goldie_berlin
Image credit: Printic with goldie_berlin

Polish photographer Sylvia Matzkowiak self-proclaimed her Instagram feed as a travel diary and it’s hardly a surprise. During an interview with Printic, Matzkowiak shares that her greatest passions are travelling and photography.

“When I travel, I try to create a story around a place to invite people in my virtual diary.”

— Sylvia Matzkowiak

Drooling over these pictures? Perhaps it’s time to travel to get some pictures of your own!

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