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Sharing wedding and honeymoon pictures on social media, especially on Facebook has become one of the must-do-things for newly-wed couples. Social media has become the best medium for couples to share their happiness with their family and friends. But hold on, have you gotten the permission from your other half before posting your sweet pictures?

A court in Naples, Italy has ordered a woman to take down her honeymoon pictures posted on her Facebook page after her husband filed a complaint claiming that the pictures were posted without his consent. The woman might even have to fork out some Euros to pay for the husband’s damages.

Image credit: steamfeed
Image Credit: Steamfeed

According to The Local Italy, the pictures, which were taken during the couple’s honeymoon 10 years ago, showed the pair kissing and hugging.

In her defense, the woman said, “the use of social networks is so advanced now that we can consider our Facebook wall like a private photo album.”

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However, contrary to the woman’s argument, the court said the publication of a photo on the Internet was “significantly worse” than any other form because its  privacy cannot be guaranteed by the user. With this, the court added that the woman had definitely violated the husband’s right to privacy.

In Italy, according to its law citing Article 10 of the Civil Code and a piece of legislation from 1941, the portrait of a person cannot be displayed, reproduced or sold without the person’s consent.

Image credit: thegrio
Image credit: thegrio

Unlike in most of the countries in Asia, Italy has a stricter privacy law. While it is common, for example to record a police’s corruption scene in Malaysia, but the recording ,without the police’s consent, is against the law in Italy. The video could be used as an evidence for the corruption case, but the person who filmed it will also find himself in trouble of privacy violation.

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