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Welcome to the third episode of Apps I Live By!

If it is your first time reading this series, Apps I Live By is a weekly peek into the smartphones of prominent personalities. I discover apps they use and understand how these act as extensions of their lives. In my first article, I took a peek into the co-founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah’s smartphone. Last week, Andreas Behrens from TripAdvisor shared about the apps he uses and we saw how they serve to edify his lifestyle. Should you have a story to share, or want me to cover any favourite personalities, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at dawn@vulcanpost.com.

Today’s personality might be familiar to some. Or, perhaps you are more familiar with her site – AllDealsAsia. Goh Yiping is the CEO and co-founder of All Deals Asia, one of the largest deal portals in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. And you wonder, why does she look so young?!

CEO and Co-founder of All Deals Asia – Goh Yiping (Image Credit: Yahoo)

Started in August 2010, the mission for AllDealsAsia was to aggregate the best deals in Singapore into one single website. Together with her brother, Wayne Goh, the duo grew the company fervently, constantly attracting investors all around their spheres of influence.

As of July this year, AllDealsAsia is a thriving business with 25 employees and more than 7 million in revenue. If you have not known, the site has deals from travel and gadgets, to activities and, of course, food. One may also download the AllDealsAsia app via the Play Store or App Store.

The company is also looking toward expanding into other regions of Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Indonesia in the near future.

Now, here’s a peek into the life of a CEO:

ADA ScreenShot
Screenshot of Yiping’s home screen (Image Credit: Goh Yiping)

1. Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE

I use so many different messaging apps because different friends or business associates from different countries use different messaging apps; So, I’m on almost every messaging app.

I heard from a friend that in Indonesia, LINE is increasingly replacing Facebook entirely as the preferred place for public profile and communication; Anyone knows?

2. Gmail

“Not the 8000+ iPhone inbox you see. I use that only to send default emails from apps but don’t check it.”

Good idea to have separate accounts for different uses!

3. Mixerbox

“This is for my morning playlist.”

One of the few times I’m hearing Mixerbox; Any users out there? It would be great to hear your review of it. Apparently, it allows you to play Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. all within the app!

4. Google Calendar

Did you know that Google is still continuously innovating and expanding their partnerships? We write about Google-related news here.

5. Camera, Instagram

“I like to take photos and selfies these days.”

In a recent interview, Taylor Swift mentioned that selfies are like the new autographs. it’s part of a new currency. Do you agree?

6. All Deals Asia

“To check deals.”

Perfect example of one of the philosophies AllDealsAsia holds – ” We only bring you the deals that we ourselves want.”

7. GrabTaxi?

“I’m hesitant to put GrabTaxi. I still prefer Comfort’s app somehow; their taxi drivers less picky as there is no need to put a destination.” 

Any other honest reviewers about GrabTaxi?

A big thank you to Yiping for allowing us a peek into your life!

The next personality in my list is known by many in the music scene. Make a guess!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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