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In the year 2006, Timothy Tiah was just an ordinary student pursuing his studies in the United Kingdom. Little did he knew, a casual meet-up with friends at a Pussy Cat Dolls concert was going to change his life. Through mutual friends that night, Timothy, and now fellow Co-Founder of Nuffnang, Cheo Ming Shen, met and sparks flew instantly.

In 2007, Nuffnang was born.

Today, Nuffnang is the world’s leading blog advertising community boasting a strong global community of 900,000 blogs. If you are not familiar with it, Nuffnang is a platform that bridges the gap between bloggers from all walks of life and brands looking for a targeted online audience.

By day, Timothy is busy ensuring Nuffnang and Churp Churp (Tim’s second startup) provide good services all over the world. By night, he is a father and husband to his son, Fighter, and wife he endearingly calls Shorty.

Nuffnang_Tim TiahTimothy Tiah (Image Credit: timothytiah.com)

While I am a keen follower of Timothy’s personal blog which is always a delightful read, I wonder – How does he manage?

Today, we have Timothy share the apps that get to be part of his life in our Apps I Live By Series:

1. Dayre

 “I use Dayre to update my Dayre blog and also to read the stories of the people I follow there.”

Well, if you’re being followed by Tim – you know for sure now he reads your posts! For those interested, Timothy usually posts his honest thoughts and reflections about starting up, family and life here.

2. Instagram

Instagram is just mainly to post a picture every day. I don’t really go through the feed that often because I prefer reading news articles.”

One benefit about reading the news is that after all that scrolling, you will learn something new. Okay, yes, I do not deny scrolling Instagram all day long (at least I’m honest).

If you’re like me, you can check out Timothy’s account here.

3. Facebook and Twitter

“Facebook and Twitter are what I use for my news articles.”

While we speak a lot about Facebook and Twitter here at Vulcan Post, we realised that at the end of the day it is really how you use these applications that count.

4. Bloomberg

“I use Bloomberg to keep track of my investments.”

Do you hold a Michael Kors bag? Well, the brand’s shares just dropped, as freshly reported by Bloomberg, and you should know why- if you count yourself a loyal customer of this global lifestyle brand.

5. Whatsapp and LINE

“I use Whatsapp and LINE for messaging.”

I’m sure we can identify with this pair of apps, especially if you’re living in Asia. But, do you know that you can soon call your friends via Whatsapp?

At the end of the day, Timothy is just an ordinary person like you and me, choosing to lead his life extraordinarily. Nuff’ said.

Thank you Timothy for giving us a sneak peek into your phone and life.

Now, who would you like next on my list of Prominent-Figures-I-Must-Peek-Into? (yes, I just came up with that)

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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