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“An average human being meets two million nine hundred and twenty thousand other persons throughout his life. The probability of two people falling in love is 0.000049, so I wouldn’t fault you if  you don’t find it in your heart to love me” — Extracted from “One” app, Vol 360 (2 October 2013), translated by yours truly.

If you are one of those lucky ones whose 0.000049 has struck, then you might just be lucky enough to be crowned the “Best Couple Food Critic” by Between and OpenRice.

Between, a mobile application which allows couples to create a portfolio of messages, photos, memos and milestones documenting the relationship, has teamed up with OpenRice, a premier dining guide, to find the best food-reviewing couple in Singapore.

Between x OpenRice Foodie


From November 2013 to January 2014, a total of 12 couples will be selected by Between and OpenRice to participate in three food tasting sessions to review selected restaurants in Singapore. The organisers will then crown the “Best Couple Food Critic”, who will also be the winners of a romantic – if there are flowers – Valentine’s Day dinner in February 2014.

To qualify for one of the food tasting sessions, couples first need to be both Between and OpenRice users. Next, couples have to send an email to Between, telling them their favourite dish as a couple and how it describes the relationship.

The privileged couples will then be invited to exclusive food tasting sessions where they will dine, savour and enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the food tasting, couples will then leave a food review for the restaurant and stand a chance to not only be the best-food-critic couple, but also win a romantic – if it’s with our love song – dinner for Valentine’s Day. Between and OpenRice will work together to select the best review.

between app

The first couple food tasting session has been set on 17 November, 2013, where six couples will be invited by Between and OpenRice for classic Italian and Peruvian cuisines at Supply & Demand. Subsequent food tasting sessions are scheduled on 3 December, 2013 and 3 January, 2014, where three other couples will be invited for food tasting on the each of the dates.

Between will also looking for the most popular Between couple in Singapore among the 12 couples. One of the couples will be selected as “Between’s Favourite Couple” through voting on social media and will win a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Between’s General Manager for Southeast Asia, Joash Wee, said, ”Between enhances offline relationships by providing a private space where couples can create, share, and remember all their special moments. For Southeast Asia, we are looking for strategic partners like OpenRice that can help bring couples closer to each other, and food is a good place to start.”

So what do you say? I say get down to work already, get those apps and start thinking of that dish that best describes your relationship. And at the end of it, even if you do not get to do any food tasting or win any of those Valentine’s Day treats, you would still have found a new way to document your relationship and share your thoughts, feelings or simply nonsensical rants with your 0.000049.

Best gift ever, Valentine’s Day or not.  

PS. Can I just say, how about something for the rest of the 0.999951? Afterall, between can be between friends and not just couples right? And really, 0.999951 would really be the majority? Yes? Ok, that might not be so scientifically proven, but notwithstanding, friendships are also widely celebrated on St Valentine’s Day? No?

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