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In an effort to make their popular ebook reader even more popular, Barnes & Noble has announced a new Android based ebook reader. With similar devices already available in the market, this device has a unique appeal – it is built on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, this device will have the look and feel of any other Samsung Galaxy Tab and is made by Samsung.

Samsung Nook (Image from Mashable)
Samsung Nook (Image Credit: Mashable)

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According to Tech Crunch, this Android tablet for ebook reading will have a pre-installed app called Barnes & Noble Advantage. This deeply linked app will not only help people to read the ebook with all the comforts any other Nook ebook readers offer but also will couple the tech support directly from Barnes & Noble. Users will also be able to download ebooks directly from their bookstore using this app. It will also feature the B&N feature called “Read in Store” which allows you to read any title while browsing any bookstore. Apart from these, expect the popular Samsung pre-built apps to be installed in it as well.

According to B&N CEO Michael P. Huseby, this will be the first ever fully featured ebook reader tablet using Android. In my opinion though, this is another Samsung device under B&N branding and sold from their bookstore.

Coming to the specifications, expect everything you expect from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, including the standard 7-inch screen.

Same Incredible Display of Samsung Galaxy 4 (Image Credit: B&N official site)
Same Incredible Display of Samsung Galaxy 4 (Image from B&N official site)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is offered for US$ 179 with an initial rebate of $20. To pamper you further, you are getting $200 credit from B&N to buy any title you prefer. That’s quite a good deal, if you ask me.  Buy it from B&N itself or Amazon or any other retailer of your choice.

If you are missing the Nook tablets, which went out of manufacturing for months now, this device will be your best bet for the closest experience.  And if you do buy one, do let us know of the user experience in the comments.

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