Where are the stickers of our favourite tiled playgrounds?

Jingyi Low  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-25 11:00:50

Viber has launched the first of a series of sticker packs tailored to Singaporeans and Singapore-lovers.

“As Singapore starts its 50th anniversary celebrations, we are excited to join the vibe with the release of this bespoke sticker pack. We hope Singaporeans will have fun with this fresh local content — with more to follow soon,” says Mark Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Viber.

The sticker pack comprises the Viber Family characters LegCat, Violet, and DJ, who are dressed in traditional ethnic wear or casual wear. They’re conveniently placed in local hotspots like Chinatown, Geylang Serai, and Little India. These stickers, designed for a variety of occasions, depict stereotypical scenarios such as asking friends over for lunch at Lau Pa Sat.


Characters are also speaking the four approved languages taught in Singapore’s formal education, with Singlish thrown in for good measure.

Local food favourites such as roti prata, soft boiled eggs and kaya toast, and kopi are also featured in the stickers.

Image Credit: Viber
Image Credit: Viber

Entitled “Singapore Lah!” the new sticker pack is now available to download for free from the Viber Sticker Market.

“To ensure a great experience for our users, we must create unique localized content that reflects the culture, values and interests of people in their respective country and region,” says Hardy.

More SG50 Viber-ance

Personally, I think that Singapore’s diversity goes past our racial and language differences. And while the stickers are adorable and does show several sides of the Kampung spirit we know and love, the Singapore’s vibrance is not limited to tourist hotspots and ethnicity.

The local experience is definitely something more than that. We celebrate community and the kampung spirit, but what are the instances that define them? What would make these stickers more awesome would be images of local instances worthy of celebration. Here are the current sticker pack available:



We would definitely love Viber even more is if there are localized stickers for local events such as the SMRT break down or even the Singapore haze.

The term “local” to me means the environment I grew up in, such as tiled playgrounds for children, pebbled pathways for the elderly, and the disciplinary action taken against students with sloppy uniforms. Adding a daily dose of humour with these childhood memories is something everyone would appreciate.

I would think a series of local memes created by the Viber Family would be more popular.

Image Credit: pohtecktoes.com
Image Credit: pohtecktoes.com

SG50 is about reminiscing the good old times, while looking forward to the future. Viber teased that this is the first pack of a series of sticker packs and there will be more coming in the following 2 – 3 weeks. So if you are a fan of stickers, do keep a look out for updates from Viber in the upcoming few weeks!

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