It's a free-for-all, kitten and puppy picture party in here.

Jolene Hee  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-26 15:00:16

The cutest app on earth has just hit app stores.

Cute or Not is Buzzfeed’s first experimental app with a very simple concept: you’re presented with pictures of animals, and you swipe right if it’s cute. You can also swipe left if it’s not cute, but then you just broke the heart of an adorable kitten/ puppy/ bunny/ hamster, you monster. And yes, it’s like Tinder for pets.

cute or not 4
Image Credit: Business Insider

Besides passing judgment on other people’s pets, you also get to put up pictures of your own lovable pets. Once you take a photo, you’ll be able to create an account that links to your Facebook or email. From there, you can get busy posting your pet’s bio and pictures, earning badges by voting, and sharing your favourite photos on social media. And if your pet looks like a supermodel of the animal world, it may just receive enough ‘cute’ votes to be featured on the Buzzfeed site.

cute or not 5
Image Credit: The Next Web

There’s no doubt that Buzzfeed seems to have hit on a winner, if the sheer number of cutesy animal memes and videos that go viral online are any indication. Cute or Not will be the go-to place for all humans to get their everyday fix of cuteness, and for all animals to aspire toward their moment of glory (although your pets would probably rather just sleep instead). Right now, it’s only available for iOS, so I suppose as an Android user, I’ll just have to wait a while more for my daily dose of heart-melting entertainment.

cute or not 2
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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