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Facebook is the main cause of a big chunk of the miseries in your life.

It could be the people with serious relationship who are bragging about their perfect relationships or your associated low self-esteem because everybody seems to be doing so much on the social network. Then there are the usual self-righteous people rubbing on you with their annoying comments about humanitarian causes and quotes about saving the world. There could be one solution to all these problems:

You should quit Facebook.

Are you going to miss a lot when you quit Facebook ?

Sure, you will miss connecting with a distant friend after a while or looking at photos of old friends and relatives whom you actually like; but what about the things which annoy you and drive you mad, would you really miss them?

Here are some things you definitely wont miss.

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#1 People with One-Line Status Updates who Somehow Seem to Get a Lot of Responses


 #2 Randomly Tagged Photos of You where You Look Absolutely Horrid


#3 Your Nosy Relatives Just Dying to Stalk You Since You Don’t Talk to Them in Real Life


#4 People Posting Pictures of Food They’ve Cooked Which Looks Absolutely Disgusting


#5 People Jumping Together for Photos in Front of a Landmark


#6 People Inviting You to Like Whichever Random Group They Have Started


#7 Those Un-Imaginative Birthday Wishes Where People Are ‘Forced’ to Give Because Facebook Reminded Them To

Do you agree with some or most of them? Then go ahead and quit Facebook. However, before that with great hypocrisy, I must ask you to like this article.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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