With the upcoming release of the new MacBook boasting new colours and functionalities, do we really need another Apple product in our possessions?

Insyirah Yahya  |  Singapore
Published 2015-03-11 14:32:51

Seeing as I just got a new MacBook Air last summer, the release of the brand new, shiny and obviously uber light MacBook has got me going, “Why didn’t I wait just a few more months!”. And renewing my mobile contract means that I am now armed with a new, sleek space grey iPhone 6, but also $300 poorer.

So I have officially decided to give my wallet a break, and give Apple a run for my money — literally.

While money may not be a problem for some, a number of other reasons have also cemented my decision to not purchase another Apple product. Well, for now, at least.

Weight What?

First of all, the new MacBook is obviously more aesthetically pleasing, boasting two new colours that will match all your other Apple devices. But for a hefty S$1,788 — or if you’re feeling generous (to Apple that is) S$2,288 — it is no walk in the park.

Of course, you may be thinking, “It’s lighter, faster, and hey! It’s gorgeous!” but I’m sticking to my old (but kinda new) MacBook, thank you very much.

Image Credit: Forbes.com
Image Credit: Forbes.com

Slicing a few inches — 4.2mm to be exact — and 0.96 pounds off the MacBook is hardly motivation for me. Add your new clear Speck protective casing, and your new laptop sleeve from Marc Jacobs on that new MacBook, and bam — you’ve probably accessorized your new MacBook back to the same weight as its predecessor.


Call me old-fashioned, but I’d much rather use my devices up till the day they die on me. Or in the case of my old phone, go swimming in the toilet bowl.

As tempting as the new MacBook looks with its wider keyboard and longer lasting battery, my new/old baby is working fine. It hasn’t spurted out weird sounds or failed on me halfway through a presentation. I would have to thank my charger for the latter.

And as long as my current laptop is fine and dandy — and I must say, since the functions of the new MacBook are  strikingly similar to the old one — why get another?

One for All

And if I still haven’t convinced you not to spend that hard-earned $2000 on a MacBook that you probably already have, then here’s the mothership:

There’s only one port.

Just ONE.

Image Credit: Apple
Image Credit: Apple

The special USB C Port that Apple has designed will be able to accommodate 5 different ports: power, USB, Display Port, VGA and DisplayPort.

And while we may be jumping with joy for this new invention that could mean the end of problems like silicon gels getting stuck in your earphones port, it also means that you will be whipping out more money just because there is only one port. That’s another $79 out of your wallet just to get another device that can meet the multitasking and multi-port functionality that practically every other computer in the market has.

Furthermore, the new MacBook doesn’t even have an HD webcam, and instead sticks to its 480p FaceTime camera. Just when I thought I could take better selfies.

As I type this article using my 2014 MacBook Air and glance over at the time stamp on my still-shiny iPhone 6, I will be clutching on to my wallet for dear life as I await patiently for the gods at Apple to give me something worth dumping these perfectly good and in working condition devices that I already own.

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