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With technology getting more advanced, gadgets such as Google Glass could easily be misused by irresponsible people to spy on you. Such gadgets which are able to record and instant information access, are putting the privacy of you and me at risk. While ordinary people like us might not have anything interesting to spy on, the feeling that virtual cyborgs with these surveillance devices are just around the corner is freakishly scary.

But worry no more. A new palm-size device named as Cyborg Unplug will be introduced end of this month to stop all the surveillance devices that are near your home or office. By simply plugging in the device, it is able to ‘sniff’ for other devices that the owner chooses to ban. If any of these unwanted devices enter your territory, it will trigger an alarm, either an LED, audio or message alarm.

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Cyborg Unplug is able to do more than track the unwanted device. This tiny device is also able to block the unwanted devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi network. This is done automatically without any mannual command from the owner.

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Created by a New Zealander artist who currently lives in Berlin, Germany, Cyborg Unplug is a follow-up consumer product after Julian Oliver’s Glasshole.sh software received tremendous support. Glasshole.sh is a free program release by Oliver during the end of May that has similar functions as the Cyborg Unplug. Unlike Cybog Unplug, the program is built specifically to detect and kick out Google Glass users who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Oliver was quoted by Load the Game saying, “The intent (of creating Cyborg Unplug) is to counter a growing and tangibly troubling emergence of wirelessly capable devices that are used and abused for surveillance and voyeurism.”

Image credit: bigdatastartups
Image Credit: bigdatastartups

Cyborg Unplug, which is described as ‘perfectly legal’ by its website is not designed for local wireless networks which already has a strict control on who can access to the network, but rather it is more for public networks such as those in schools or coffee shops. The device also cannot stop any spies from taking photos or videos, but it will only stop them from streaming whatever they’re recording to a device or service on Internet.

Cyborg Unplug comes in two models:

  1. A basic package known as “Little Snipper” equipped with LED signal, priced at USD50 (about SGD62.90) and,
  2. A full package which include a 5G Wi-Fi, audio connection to nearby speakers and Android app. Known as “The Axe”, this model is priced at USD100 (about SGD125.80).

Cyborg Unplug will begin to accept pre-orders from September 30. To kick start, Cyborg Unplug will only ship to the United States, the United Kingdom, and European Union Countries.

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