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On January 29, 2024, Khairul Aming announced in a video that he will soon be releasing a new product called Dendeng Nyet Berapi under his namesake company, Khairulaming Brand.

This comes three years after the debut of his first product, the viral Sambal Nyet that has earned raving reviews from Malaysian consumers. 

Initially a content creator sharing video recipes online, this Kelantanese influencer has since grown to become quite the successful businessman. To meet the demands of customers, his Sambal Nyet alone has two factories in Kelantan. 

Image Credit: Khairul Aming

A few months ago, he shared on his social media pages that he planned to increase the production of Sambal Nyet to 7,000 bottles a day. 

This is done with the help of automation to ensure consistent quality throughout his whole product line. At the same time, automation would solve issues like leakages in some of the bottles.

However, that’s not all he had planned for the business. Even back then he had teased customers that the introduction of automation into the production process would allow his staff members to shift their focus on the brand’s second product.

Expanding his catalogue with another local favourite

True to that, during the announcement made less than 24 hours ago, Khairul shared that his new Dendeng Nyet Berapi was already in the R&D process back then.

“The R&D of this second product took about one year because it’s not just about the recipe, but also the machines, packaging, and storage,” the founder explained. 

Image Credit: Khairul Aming

He shared that this product, similar to Sambal Nyet, will be made using fresh ingredients. Compared to the sambal, though, the dendeng requires more ingredients and has a longer cooking process.

It involves blending, boiling, and sauteing the ingredients until it turns into a pack of preserved dried meat. Like Sambal Nyet, Dendeng Nyet Berapi is a ready-to-eat product that can be consumed straight out of the packaging. 

Image Credit: Khairul Aming

For context, dendeng is quite a popular local dish made up of thinly sliced dried meat that’s preserved through a mixture of sugar and spices. There are already many brands in the market selling similiar ready-to-eat dendeng.

Yet, the same could be said about sambal where despite a saturated market, Khairul Aming’s Sambal Nyet still managed to stand out.

So it will be interesting to see how the brand positions this new product and what the public reception will be like upon its release soon.

Starting the year with a bang

“This is the third year since Sambal Nyet’s debut and we’re happy to announce that the sales for 2023 reached RM20 million, an increase of 40% compared to 2022,” Khairul expressed.

He later disclosed that the money made was reinvested into the business to expand the business’s available facilities. Aside from that, the brand used RM2 million for the launch of its new Dendeng Nyet Berapi, including the purchase of machines, packaging, and raw materials.

In total, 80,000 units of this new product will begin selling on Friday (February 2) at 10PM through TikTok LIVE. Understanding his niche, utilising TikTok is a strategic business move as the influencer once claimed that the platform helped to boost Khairulaming Brand’s sales to exceed RM5 million.

Ending the video, the businessman said, “We hope you’re going to like this product. We’ve worked hard for a year to develop this, but if there are any issues, please let us know so that we can further improve.”

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Featured Image Credit: Khairul Aming

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