In a somewhat surprising show of solidarity, an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign was launched this morning to help those targeted by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

Jolene Hee  |  Singapore
Published 2015-04-30 12:00:30

This article originally appeared on Vulcan Post.

Well, at least one good thing has come out of the Dallas Buyers Club saga: in an inspiring show of solidarity, local netizens are uniting to raise funds for those targeted by Dallas Buyers Club LLC’s lawyers.

At 10am today, an online campaign named “Let’s Unite Against Speculative Invoicing” went live on Indiegogo. The campaign aims to support Singaporeans who purportedly downloaded the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” via illegal means and received a lawyer’s letter demanding compensation for the film’s studio. Dr Tara Green, the moniker of the netizen who kicked off this crowdfunding effort, hopes to raise a base amount of $4,000 USD in order to cover the legal fees of Singaporeans who received the lawyer’s letter.

Image Credit: Let's Unite Against Speculative Invoicing
Image Credit: Let’s Unite Against Speculative Invoicing

According to the campaign’s description, Dr Tara Green wants to send a message to Dallas Buyers Club LLC that should they take this issue all the way to court, “it would not be a DBC v John Lim in Singapore, it is a DBC v Singapore/World”. This show of local support might offer some reassurance to the 77 unfortunate M1 users who were targeted for illegal sharing of “Dallas Buyers Club” earlier this month, as well as the 500 or so persons whose Singapore Internet protocol addresses were identified by DBC LLC.

Currently, the online campaign has only raised $2 USD in the past two hours.

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