Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-09-27 10:00:49

If you’re looking for some fun videos to watch, or need a way to get rid of that week-old song stuck in your head, you should check out AVByte. Named after the brothers behind the operation – Antonius and Vijay Nazareth, the duo makes videos about things that matter to the masses today, like social media, dating apps, and Doctor Who. Only difference – they make them all into musicals.

And yes, we do mean musicals like ‘Singing In The Rain’, ‘Wicked’, and ‘My Fair Lady’. This might seem strange, but the videos somehow suit the chirpy tune by poking fun at people using Dating Apps, Facebook, or even readers of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Also known as the AVByte brothers, the classically trained Nazareth brothers started their YouTube page in 2012. With Antonius leading musical composition and Vijay taking the reins in filmmaking, their channel now has a large following of almost 7 hundred thousand subscribers.

Their YouTube page is a treasure trove of pop culture references and social trends all singing and dancing like the happiest people around. The next time you your friend asks you a dumb question, save your frustration and energy by sending her this video, reminding her that GIYF (Google Is Your Friend).

And honestly, you have not experienced the wonders of YouTube until you’ve seen Darth Vader tap-dancing.

You go, Darth Vader!
You go, Darth Vader!

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