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Monsters Ate My Metropolis by Adult Swim Games answers the very real question of what would you do if you mutated into a Godzilla Rampage type monster—and the answer to that would be to destroy cities and massacre the populace.

Utilising the same eclectic humour and bizarre cartoon animation, Monsters Ate My Metropolis is the follow up to their previous game Monsters Ate My Condo. Unlike the manic match three version of that gameplay, Monster’s Ate My Metropolis is a card battle game in which you destroy other cities while defending your own.

The Key To Winning is Elementary

Monsters Ate My Metropolis 1

Elements are literally the key to winning this game. There’s a small diagram on the left corner of the screen which displays the strengths and weaknesses of each element colour. If you play an element that is strong against your opponent’s element then your attack is doubled and theirs is halved, and vice versa.

If you’re playing first, play a card that your opponent doesn’t have an element card to play against, for example don’t play a red card if they have blue cards. If this element tactic is unavoidable then play your weakest card, or you can even play a card that will prompt the other side to counter with something relatively weak.

Don’t waste any of your strongest cards in a blind situation unless you’re very sure that you’ll get that element bonus. Same goes for healing cards, wait until you can use it in an advantageous situation. If you’re out of good cards you can play Mega Attack at that time if it’s available.

Vote For Boat

Monsters Ate My Metropolis 2

Each of the monsters have certain abilities as well as affinities for the cards corresponding with their colours. The characters you want to focus on would be the ones that give you a higher critical damage chance, as it’s much more useful in the long run compared to the Mega Zone attack.

That just leaves you with Mr. Shigoto and Boat Head. While Mr. Shigoto has increased damage for Green cards, which are mostly healing cards; Boat Head has an Increased Token multiplier which is definitely much more useful.

You can buy more cards as well as feed him the discarded cards to level up faster than the other monster. If you didn’t choose Boat Head as your first monster, don’t worry about it and definitely don’t waste tokens buying him, you’re better off spending it on cards.


Monsters Ate My Metropolis 3

There are 2 different packs of cards you can buy: the OMG Pack for diamonds and the LOL Pack for tokens. I’d recommend buying the 2,000 token LOL Pack as it gives you a guaranteed silver card, otherwise you’ll probably just be wasting tokens on inferior cards for the 400 token pack.

It’s worth some of your time to watch videos and earn diamonds for one of the OMG packs as they’ll most likely give you a gold card every time and a chance on a diamond card. You can of course buy Diamonds, but where’s the fun in that?

Grind, Grind, Grind

Monsters Ate My Metropolis 4

If you haven’t noticed by now this is mostly a grinding game. You need to earn tokens to get better cards as well as increase the population in the city to move up the leaderboard. Here’s a quick tip: always attack a city with the highest population to be gained even if they’re a higher level than you (one or two levels won’t make that much of a difference).

Remember as well that you can double tap to speed up the animations and if you want you can even turn off the reflex-based mini-games by tapping the small circular icon at the lop left-hand side of the screen.

So that’s it for my monster lessons. Now you are ready to terrorise Tokyo—I mean Metropolis.

Download the game from iTunes or Google Play Store

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