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Burger fans most likely would have heard of local burger joint myBurgerLab (if you haven’t, you are missing out more than you’d think). Famous for their signature black charcoal buns and crazy ideas like this one, this time they are back with even crazier and creative food combinations.

Vulcan Post was honoured to be invited by myBurgerLab to try out these new flavours and we decided to put them through our taste test. This is what we think about these new dishes.

The Kaiju Burger

Kaiju basically means ‘giant monster’ in Japanese. To fight monsters while being inspired by the movie Pacific Rim, myBurgerLab has come up with a monster of their own. The Kaiju burger is a beef burger, drenched in Teriyaki sauce and topped with smoked salmon, spring onion, raw onion, and finished with some ebiko.


The beef patty itself was spongy and juicy. While adding salmon is a great way to add a little kick to the burger, the taste was a little overshadowed by the beef patty. In terms of the taste and flavor, it was quite decent, but nothing overly spectacular.

The Bulbasaur

Inspired by the famous green Pokemon, the Bulbasaur consists of a fried chicken patty burger topped with cheddar cheese, with kombu (seaweed) mayo, a sunny-side-up, finished with green salsa.

The combination of chicken and egg could never go wrong. With the sunny-side-up on top, the chicken was really flavourful and tender.

Apart from that, the uniqueness of kombu mayo totally delivered. The taste just blossoms in your mouth, with the steaming juices from the mayo and egg rolling down your fingers. You can’t help but to suck your fingers to absorb the sweetness of the sauce.

The Bait & Switch

According to the description provided by myBurgerLab, some people commented that the burger is as addictive as cocaine. The burger is Thai-inspired, and it comes with a juicy and crispy fried chicken thigh patty, topped with cilantro, raw onion, sprayed with lemon juice, and finished with Budu Mayo.

bait and switch

It is quite apparent that the burger is heavily Thai-inspired and the combination of cilantro and lemon provides zesty freshness in abundance. Although I personally prefer having grilled chicken in my burger, this burger would appeal to people who love to eat fried chicken.

The Stinkbomb

A beef burger topped with grilled pineapple, minced chicken sambal petai, cheddar cheese and blue cheese. As its name suggest, the burger stinks, but trust me, this one is “the bomb” (pun intended), and it is my favourite among the others.


People may find the combination weird but I can assure you that the ingredients go perfectly well together. Personally, the sambal petai is the greatest part, but then again, I’m all about food that stinks (asparagus and durian). Besides that, the beef patty was well grilled and the blue cheese was subtly mild.

Coney Fries

A full basket of shoe string fries, seasoned with salt and topped with some mince BBQ beef topped with cheese sauce and raw onion.

corny fries

If you have tasted A&W’s Coney Dog then the taste should not be alien to you. The sauce is quite unique and the green onion spices up the sauce. As for the fries, it was quite ordinary. Currently this dish is not on the menu yet, but they will put it up real soon.

Lava Brownies

Courtesy of Project C, a pop up café selling brownies and coffee developed by myBurgerLab, this scrumptious lava brownie is served hot in a pan and topped with three scoops of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

lava brownie

I must say this is a deliciously fudgy molten lava brownie. It is unbelievably tasty and when the folks from myBurgerLab told us it was actually discovered by accident, we refused to believe it. But guess what? Good things are usually spontaneously unplanned. Even though we were already pretty much full, the brownies had a smooth sailing ride to my tummy.

To-date, mBL has 4 outlets which are located in Seapark, OUG, Cyberjaya and Sunway. Feel feel to go to any myBurgerLab outlet to try these new dishes. You can head over to their website or Facebook page for more information. 

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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