Zomato, a restaurant search and discovery app has finally set foot in Malaysia and our tummies are rumbling with joy.

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Published 2015-10-30 00:47:04

If you’re anything like me, you’d put in the effort to research a location before heading out for a makan session with friends. Be it to find out what variety of food the place offers, or their exact price point, it is always good to be able to conduct some research so that you would know what to expect when the meal is served.

Therefore, it would be great if users are able to find everything they wish to know about their favourite eateries, because it is conveniently housed in one single location—and Zomato is the platform for this. It is a restaurant search and discovery app as well as website which users can utilise as a one stop source for all things food in Malaysia.

Image Credit: Zomato

Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of Zomato said, “We’re excited to launch our operations in Malaysia. Southeast Asia has been amazing for us, and we are one of the largest players in our space in Philippines and Indonesia. We are hoping to replicate our success in the region with our Malaysia launch.

Through Zomato, users can filter between numerous options, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next, the options can also be narrowed down to types of cuisines, location, establishment type and cost.

Image Credit: Zomato
Image Credit: Zomato

What makes the portal special is that if you’re craving for a particular food type such as nasi lemak or bakso, you can head specifically to the Collections category to search up locations which serve your favourite meals.

If user reviews are a way to gauge how well a restaurant does, then Zomato has created a good platform for that, as their review system is pretty comprehensive. This is because besides rating their eatery, customers can also provide mouth-watering snapshots and wax lyrical about their meals. Even though Zomato has only been officiated in Malaysia late October, users have already begun reviewing their meals on the food platform.

Image Credit: Zomato
Image Credit: Zomato

Over 12,000 restaurants in the Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya regions are available now so users can browse endlessly, whether through mobile or web. With this, it presents a business opportunity for those in the eatery field as restaurants can opt to use Zomato to increase their customers.

How this works is simply searching for your restaurant through the site. If it is nowhere to be found, restaurant owners can then opt to sign their restaurant up with Zomato in order to receive advanced analytical and engagement tools by the reviews of their customers, so as to better their services.

This makes Zomato a useful portal for both business owners and customers and makes the eating experience a highly satisfying one for both parties. For restaurant owners, Zomato becomes a place whereby customer feedback can be immediately received and therefore, restaurant services can be massively improved where need be.

Image Credit: HealthWorks

Likewise, for the customers, they are able to build their online presence with their food reviews and allow restaurants to receive the credibility they deserve or otherwise. That to me, sounds like an ideal situation for everyone.

To download the Zomato app on your smartphone, click here for Android users, and here for iOS users..

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