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Most people would know the basics of generative AI (GenAI) by now, with ChatGPT being one of the most popular and widely adopted examples.

But the tech goes beyond language models—take this Japanese-founded AI called BakeryScan that was developed to differentiate pastries at bakery checkouts. It was later found to be capable of detecting cancer cells with up to 99% accuracy too.

Image Credit: BakeryScan YouTube

It’s pretty fascinating what AI can do when coupled with other forms of deeptech, including IoT, AR, VR, robotics, biotech, and more.

In partnership with SNS Network, we’ve selected three use cases of how GenAI has been utilised to solve real-life industry problems, powered by Dell Technologies GenAI solutions

For context, Dell Technologies GenAI solutions are capable of providing organisations with:

  1. Purpose-built integrated solutions that are tested for specific use cases.
  2. Purpose-built AI and high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities, offering quality acceleration and diverse GPU options.
  3. Flexible storage solutions tailored for performance.
  4. Workstations that can accelerate AI development, enabling faster experimentation and calibration for GenAI models.

1. Healthcare

If the above cancer-detecting pastry AI is anything to go by, it’s clear that healthcare has plenty to benefit from GenAI. Another example comes from New York City-based Medivis. The company built an FDA-cleared solution called SurgicalAR to help surgical teams use immersive AI-based, 3D holographs to rehearse their procedures.

AR practice surgery / Image Credit: Medivis SurgicalAR

Here, AR and digital recreations of the human body are used by surgeons to practice difficult procedures, especially those involving the brain, throat, and heart. This way, surgeons can practise their moves ahead of time in a zero-risk environment, reducing both the stress and duration of the actual operation. 

Pre-op patients can also preview their upcoming procedures to increase their understanding, and potentially help reduce their anxiety.

Coupled with the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Medivis built SurgicalAR on the Dell Technologies Precision workstation and NVIDIA RTX GPUs. Simply put, the servers and tech are tightly integrated for ultra-fast processing to provide high performance, reliability, and security.

SurgicalAR also utilises Dell Technologies EMC PowerEdge servers with NVIDIA GPUs and EMC data storage systems

Together, they’re designed to work in conjunction with a hospital’s picture archiving and communications system (PACS). It’s basically a huge server and storage system that contains all the medical imaging files that a hospital generates.

Moreover, GenAI can also transform personalised medicine. By analysing a patient’s data, AI algorithms can identify a patient’s prognosis, help detect disease earlier, and develop effective treatment plans.

Locally, Focus Point’s 2023 World Sight Day event displayed how an AI ocular tech could detect more than 35 types of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and glaucoma with a reported accuracy of more than 95%.

By knowing this information, patients can proactively take preventative steps towards improving their health.

The AI tool scans the blood vessels and nerves to analyse patients’ health risks / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

With Malaysia aiming to generate RM2.4 billion in revenue from the health tourism sector this year, AI could even be used to help health facilities predict the influx of patients during peak seasons. 

This can support healthcare centres adjust staffing levels accordingly, and ensure that the hospital has sufficient treatments on hand to meet the increased demand. 

2. Agriculture

GenAI can provide local farmers with access to a wealth of information and tools, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their farming practices. 

For example, the Canadian-based Nature Fresh Farms utilises timelapse videos to monitor the growth of their tomato crops. These videos give their farmers insights into optimal planting times, soil health management, efficient water usage, and pest control strategies. 

Image Credit: Nature Fresh Farms

As Nature Fresh Farms’ greenhouse grew from 64 to 128 acres, the IT team ran out of space on their servers to store all the videos. The videos were also spread across multiple servers, leading to the team facing issues with reliable and fast video access.

Eventually, the company upgraded to the Dell Technologies PowerScale storage running the Milestone VMS video surveillance solution to solve their storage-related challenges. Nature Fresh Farms also uses VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, meaning that they can get a unified view of data and video across the greenhouses.

By leveraging data-driven AI tools, farms and greenhouses can optimise their yields and resource utilisation, leading to increased crop productivity and income. 

Malaysia’s agritech industry is undeniably resilient, and is a notable sector embracing emerging tech. 

We’ve seen the local agritech industry utilise drones for farm monitoring, 5G sensors for crop harvesting, and AI to control the weather in indoor farms.

If used sufficiently, GenAI solutions in agritech could contribute to solving the food security issue that still remains a challenge locally.

3. Environmental management

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (Citizens) aims to help scientists collect up-to-date insights on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). These insights can then help scientists increase their understanding of coral health to form effective and scalable conservation efforts.

However, continuously capturing and analysing images of the world’s largest coral ecosystem (spanning 348,700km²) requires more resources than what the scientists had. 

So, Citizens partnered with Dell Technologies, using deep learning models and AI-powered analytics that could create a visual map of the entire reef and accelerate image analysis. 

Dell Technologies’ AI-powered servers are also used to store, manage, and analyse reef data, which automated Citizens’ workflows, accelerating the categorisation of the coral in individual images in seconds.

Image Credit: Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

Other than mapping the world’s seabed, GenAI can also help communities endure the harsh effects of climate change.

In Malaysia, existing AI systems include tools that predict the weather, which can help disaster management agencies reduce the impact of floods, landslides, and earthquakes on communities.

We’ve witnessed these tools be used in disaster simulation exercises, preparing first-response teams, agencies, and communities in the event of real disasters as Malaysians continue to experience more severe weather.

Geotagging to ease search and rescue efforts / Image Credit: KANZU Research

When GenAI is used to predict dangerous climate events accurately in advance, it can give organisations and communities ample time to come up with management and preparedness strategies.

By knowing this information ahead of time, it could also lead experts in urban planning and industrial design to plot more resilient buildings and civil structures. With hardier irrigation systems, bridges, and tunnels that can withstand natural disasters, it can ultimately protect lives and property, as well as save costs in the long run.


These are just three impressive use cases for GenAI, which still has plenty more applications as the tech becomes more sophisticated.

Thus, leveraging the expertise of reputable IT companies such as Dell Technologies can provide organisations with tailored solutions for individual business needs.

Image Credit: Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies offers a range of servers designed to work super fast, especially when paired with NVIDIA GPUs, which can be likened to powerful computer processors.

These GenAI servers are built with a special approach called PowerEdge. This makes them efficient at handling the latest technology, from training and running AI, or doing complex maths for science and engineering, to analysing data and running heavy applications.

Image Credit: Dell Technologies
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Featured Image Credit: BakeryScan / Medivis

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