It will be hard to leave these rooms once you get there.

Charlene  |  Singapore
Published 2015-12-07 08:20:32

Travel season is upon us! Hotels may be getting more expensive to stay at, with many alternatives on sites like Airbnb to choose from, but there’s just something about hotels that feel a lot more luxurious.

You might have already made your hotel reservations, but there’s no harm looking at more. You never know, these might just help you decide on the next city you want to visit in 2016.

1. Harry Potter Hotel, London

Years after the last book and movie were released, we’re still not over the world of Harry Potter. Theme parks are still sprouting up all over the world, with models of various locations in Hogwarts and Diagon Alley being created.

This hotel room is a replica of the dormitories in Hogwarts, complete with the trunks and 4-poster beds that our favourite witches and wizards live in.

Image Credit: mirror.co.uk
Image Credit: mirror.co.uk

Price: $441 per night

2. Treehotel, Sweden

The Treehotel is really a collection of some of the most beautiful accommodations you have ever seen. Set amongst tall and majestic trees, the surreal structures will leave you speechless. I mean, just look:

Image Credit: Treehotel
The Mirrorcube set against a beautiful woodland backdrop. (Image Credit: Treehotel)
Image Credit: Treehotel
The UFO. (Image Credit: Treehotel)

Price: $659 per night

3. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

This one’s set out in the open, which makes it a great option if you’re into stargazing or astronomy. The hotel will even provide you with telescopes and open-air Jacuzzi sessions, depending on the package you select.

I’m just not sure how much privacy you’ll be getting here.

Image Credit: alux.com
Image Credit: alux.com
Image Credit: infinitelegroom.com
Image Credit: infinitelegroom.com

Price: $166 per night

4. Ice Hotel, Sweden

Remember the actual igloo for rent on Airbnb? Well, this is kind of like a more legit version, though I’m still not sure exactly how the heating will work on this one.

Image Credit: travelchannel.com
Image Credit: travelchannel.com

Price: $1400 per night

5. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

If you need something warmer than a block of ice for a bed, but don’t want to give up the feeling of actually living in an igloo, then this glass igloo might be something to consider.

glass igloo
Image Credit: www.kakslauttanen.fi
glass igloo 2
Image Credit: www.kakslauttanen.fi

Price: $412 per night

6. Elqui Domos, Chile

Here’s another one for the stargazers. Each room has a skylight built right above the bed, so you’ll get a great view of the night sky right till the moment you drop off to sleep.

Image Credit: www.fubiz.net
Image Credit: www.fubiz.net

Price: $266 per night

7. Nautilus Suite, Fiji

Maybe stargazing is not your thing, and you’d much prefer watching fish and sharks swim by as you get ready for bed. This underwater hotel room is pretty amazing, if the thought of being underwater doesn’t scare you.

Image Credit: my-globe.net
Image Credit: my-globe.net

Price: $73 per night

8. Chocolate Room, France

This hotel room designed by famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is made entirely out of edible chocolate (imagine how wonderful it smells), so you can technically eat your whole bed.

Image Credit: www.sassisamblog.com
Image Credit: www.sassisamblog.com

Price: Unavailable

9. Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden

This is known as the world’s deepest hotel room, and at 155 metres below ground level, you would have to have nerves of steel to want to make your way down there and spend extended periods of time in it. Phones won’t work in this room; you’ll be given an intercom radio to communicate with the hotel staff.

Image Credit: www.salasilvergruva.se

Price: $805 per night

10. Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland

This hotel is built into the side of a cliff, so crazy beautiful views are a given. What’s more interesting is perhaps the journey to the hotel itself: you’ll have to get on a cable car, then hike 15 minutes across the Wildkirchli caves to arrive at your accommodation.

It’s probably not the best place to stay at if you have a fear of heights.

Image Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com
Image Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

Price: $63 per adult per night

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