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There are times when I gaze at the fruits and vegetables lying in my refrigerator, and I often feel that it’s such a chore to chop them up before consuming them. Even though, I am fortunate enough to be able to dump all these fresh ingredients into a blender and whip up a fresh juice, I do not possess the knowledge of cold pressed juicing which is a hit among Malaysians.

Cold pressed juiceries utilise a different method in order to turn plain ol’ fruits into the nutritious product, which is a juice that’s jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants. First, the fruits and vegetables are grinded into a pulp, after which, a hydraulic juice press will be used to squeeze out all the water from the pulp.

The result is a juice that’s not only a thirst-quencher, but is also nutritious enough to be used as a meal replacement. A method that’s sometimes used by those who are looking to shed several pounds. Also, cold pressed juices make a good detox to ensure healthy skin, hair and nails.

Here are 12 Malaysian spots that offer delicious cold pressed juices.

1. Strip Juice (Bangsar)

Image Credit: Strip Juice

Strip Juice is a juicery that strips away all the elements from a fruit or a vegetable that we do not need, such as the seeds and skin, in order to bring forth a cold pressed bottle of juice. There are different flavors like Double Chocolate Banana Smoothie (RM 12.90), Freshly Pressed Orange Juice (RM 16) and Freshly Pressed Matcha Almond Milk (RM19).

2. La Juiceria (Kepong)

Image Credit: La Juiceria

Juice cleanses have their own set of benefits, especially for those who are just looking to detox their system. La Juiceria specialises in detox packages, which comes in a duration of 1, 2, 4 or 10 day cleanses. The juices range from fruity flavours, to milk-based, and vegetable blends. The juice cleanse package is priced at RM70 for 6 bottles. Individual juice bottles, on the other hand are priced between RM7.99-RM13.99.

3. Juicify Juice Bar (Damansara Utama)

Image Credit: Juicyfy Juice Bar

Juicify Juice Bar is a great place for those that opt to live a healthier lifestyle while still indulging in their regular affairs with pasta, rice or burgers. However, one thing which makes this juice bar unique is that they utilize rare ingredients such as lotus roots and cabbage. Some of their juices are Vitalify (RM10.50), Beetify (RM11.90) and Good Gut (RM12.90).

4. Lifestyle Juicery (Dana 1 Commercial Centre)

Image Credit: Lifestyle Juicery Malaysia

Lifestyle Juicery understands that not every body is the same and that each person turns to a cold pressed juice cleanse for various reasons, some for health purposes and others as a simple lifestyle change. Hence, they make sure that they provide customers with the right package that suits them best.

The silver, gold and platinum packages include different number of green juices. The Platinum package has the most amount of green juices. Lifestyle Juicery’s 4 day package retails for RM599 and 6 day package retails for RM899.

5. Impressed (NU Sentral)

Image Credit: Impressed

Impressed is a play on the words, “Impressed” and “I’m pressed”, which is apt for the juicer as it utlises a cold pressed juicery system.  There are 12 flavours available, inclusive of I2 that comes with orange, carrot, beetroot and ginger, as well as a I3, a tangier juice with grapefruit and watermelon. They are priced at RM10 to RM12 for each drink.

6. S Juicer Cafe 

Image Credit: S Juicer cafe

S Juicer Cafe utilises alkaline water in their juices and this can be tied back to their core mission “to create a home in honoring the sacredness of the human body”, as stated on their Facebook page. These juices are also good for little ones, and the diverse flavours include the Power of 3 Raw Juice (RM12) with main ingredients such as dragon fruit and cucumbers, as well as the Super-C infused detox water (RM10), which comes with pineapple.

7. Juice D’ Fruitz (Setia Walk, Sunway Pyramid, The Mines)

Image Credit: Juice D’ Fruitz

Although there is no specific evidence that eating raw fruits and vegetables makes one live longer, eating healthier however, allows one to have better control over the nutrition they place into their own bodies.

Juice D’ Fruitz‘s tagline is ‘Drink Raw, Live Long!’ and they have no sugar or water added to them, so customers can be rest assured that the ingredients are all fresh and nutritious. With drinks named such as ‘The Miracle’ and ‘Beta Booster’, those curious to give it a go can purchase these cold pressed juices from RM14.90 to RM16.90 per bottle.

8. Juus Juice (The School @ Jaya One)

Image Credit: Juus Juice

With 13 flavours of juices that cover the colour gradient scale of a traffic light, Juus Juice   offers 3 different types of cold pressed juices. The first is Simple Juus (RM9.90), a single flavour juice which the team recommends is suitable for even kids. Super Juus (RM11.90) is a combination of 2 flavours, whereas those who are looking for more unique ingredients such as parsley, ginger and celery, can opt for the Premium Juus (RM14.90).

9. LifeJuice Co. (Bandar Utama)

Image Credit: LifeJuice Co.

The team at LifeJuice Co. believes in taking small actions daily in order to achieve something great, because every small increment of goodness will eventually add up. This cannot be more true when it comes to juicing because not everyone opts to go for a full juice detox, and will perhaps choose to drink only one bottle a day. As such, LifeJuice Co. does provide single intake juices which have friendly names, and will be friendly to the tummy too. Retailing at RM12.90, flavours include ‘Sun Kissed’, ‘Eau De Vie’ and ‘Nutty Professor’.

10. Unicorn Pressed Juice 

Image Credit: Unicorn Pressed Juice

With a name that is as unique, the Unicorn Pressed Juice offers to bring its customers some ‘magical goodness’. The juices are unique with blends that include purple cabbage, pear, green apple and Himalayan rock salt for the Indigo Juice, as well as Scarlet Juice which comes with beetroot, apple and white chia. The juices are sold in 6 bottles, and it is priced at RM120.

11. Petite Goodness 

Image Credit: Petite Goodness
Image Credit: Petite Goodness

Petite Goodness aims to beautify an individual both inside and out with its cold pressed juices. For single intake juices, there are 6 flavours available and they each retail for RM12.90 per bottle. The flavours are Glowing Bubble which helps to nourish the skin and hair, Frisky Frog, for those who want a Vitamin C boost, Wakey Wakey, which energises the eyes, Fire Ball, which helps to lower the cholesterol, Yellow Submarine, which helps improve the digestive system, and Princess Peachy which is packed with nutritional properties aimed for age defense.

12. Juicy Retreat (Kuala Lumpur)

Image Credit: Juicy Retreat

Juicy Retreat ultimately sums up what cold pressed juices are all about, with its name. It is akin to taking a retreat from all the unhealthy greasy fare that Malaysia is synonymous with. Though the odd fried chicken or cheeseburger would be great from time to time, all it takes is a juicy retreat in order to bounce back to the pink of health. With 6 flavours to choose from, the available packages retail between RM199 and RM599.

There is no doubt that a wide array of cold pressed juices are available in Malaysia and it certainly impossible to list them all. Should we have missed any, feel free to leave us a comment below, or on Facebook!

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