You can now Uber your way in and around Shah Alam.

Anna Lee  |  MY
Published 2016-01-11 13:35:00

Shah Alam may not be the first thing that comes to mind when Malaysians are figuring out the top spot to be. However, with a little exploring, it is actually home to a myriad of adventure spots for the adrenaline junkies.

For instance, there’s the National Botanical Garden, Skytrex Adventure as well as iCity Shah Alam, all activities which could help one break a sweat. For those who are looking to have an adventure-filled day in Shah Alam, driving to and fro might be a tiring, especially if they live a distance away.

Uber recognises this and is now connecting riders and drivers to Shah Alam with their ride-sharing service, which is a plus because they have spent the past two years connecting the dots for Malaysians. Hence, why not Shah Alam as well?

Image Credit: Uber
Image Credit: Uber

Ride-sharing services are changing, and sometimes even shaping the way that we are commuting. Everything can now be done with a single app. With this, Uber even suggests, “Why drive to work? If you work in the city, why not just Uber it to the nearest KTM Komuter station and catch a train into the city—completely skipping any traffic on your daily commute.”

It boils down to travelling smart and utilising the services to our own advantage. For instance, during weekends when you can no longer muster any strength to face the wheel, you could opt to Uber your grocery trips, or to a night out with friends. In the context of using Uber to Shah Alam, since there are plenty of group-based activities there, Uber would be a good option to travel together and split the cost amongst friends.

For the next two weeks, Uber riders commuting in and around Shah Alam can apply the promo code SHAHALAMLOVE to enable 20% off their next 3 rides. This promo code is for both new and existing users and is valid until 23 January 2016.

You can download the Uber app on iOS and Android devices.

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