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There are probably tens of thousands of different perfumes available today, each one having its own unique scent.

But in a world where these scents often tell stories untold, two brothers embarked on a journey to rewrite the narrative of perfume by bottling up moods in a bottle.

The journey of moods

Founded by the dynamic duo consisting of Alan Koo, 27, whose background spans architecture and fashion design, and Damon Koo, 25, with a foundation in computer science, Klone is a brand that seeks to change the essence of perfume shopping.  

Alan and Damon’s foray into the fragrance industry was a leap of faith, driven not by experience but by a desire to create something that resonated with their personal ethos. 

“We had no experience in the fragrance industry at all. We are just trying to create a brand that is cool and fun,” Alan candidly admitted. 

The three different types of mood-centric perfumes they offer / Image Credit: Klone

This lack of conventional industry wisdom led them to approach perfume-making with fresh eyes, unencumbered by industry norms.

At the helm of Klone’s operations, Alan spearheads the creative direction and marketing endeavours, infusing the brand with his keen sense of design and aesthetics. 

Meanwhile, Damon takes charge of the web store, logistics, and the intricate process of perfume manufacturing, leveraging his expertise in computer science to streamline operations. 

“We run this business full-time but it is more of a side hustle at the moment,” Alan said.

What they sell 

The birth of Klone’s concept lies in its departure from the traditional paradigm of scent-based marketing.

“We just started by coming up with a very conceptual idea of emphasising moods instead of flavour or scents. We are selling the idea instead of the product itself,” Alan told Vulcan Post. 

This conceptual pivot laid the foundation for Klone’s unique selling proposition—an exploration of emotions and experiences through mood-centric fragrances.

The minimalist and aesthetic packaging of Klone’s perfumes / Image Credit: Klone

“Our idea is to create lots of ‘moods’ that can articulate the idea for shoppers’ expression of their emotions. Instead of the traditional perfume scent shopping, shoppers can now choose which mood they are trying to express themselves. Thus, creating an interesting experience for them,” he said.

Klone focuses on individuality and inclusivity as its target market primarily is Gen Z, a generation known for its penchant for authenticity and self-expression.

It offers a range of unisex fragrances designed to transcend gender stereotypes. 

“Our focus is on providing an inclusive experience where everyone can find a scent that resonates with them, regardless of gender,” Alan emphasised.

From moods like “After Sex” to introspective ones like “Leave Me Alone” and “Mixed Feelings,” Klone’s perfumes (RM180 for a 50ml bottle) aim to evoke a spectrum of emotions with each spritz. 

Image Credit: Klone

“We prioritise the ‘mood’ first and create a scent that suits the ‘mood’,” Alan said. 

This unconventional approach, though met with scepticism by some, underscores Klone’s commitment to forging its own path in the fragrance landscape.

Operating out of their modest studio in PJ, Klone takes a hands-on approach to perfume production, sourcing local alcohol and fragrance oils from international suppliers. 

“We blend them by hand with the maceration process before packing them into our own packaging,” Alan shared.

The preparation of Klone’s perfumes / Image Credit: Klone

Aspirations for moods

Despite being in business for a mere three weeks, Alan said Klone has already garnered traction, selling over 100 bottles of perfume and accruing a revenue of over RM10K. There’s still a way to go before they break even though, as he shared that their startup capital was more than RM50K.

Looking ahead, Klone harbours aspirations of expansion and growth, with plans to release more moods and solidify its brand concept. 

“We are probably looking for consignments in the future,” Alan hinted, alluding to the brand’s potential evolution. 

As Klone charts its course in the competitive fragrance market, it’s looking to change the dynamics of people shopping for perfumes.

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Featured Image Credit: Klone

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