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By now, the whole world would have heard about Flappy Bird. We have wrote about its rise to fame and unexpected take down too on Vulcan Post. Before we move on from this topic, we have two final things to share with you about Flappy Bird. We promise it will be the final article on the topic from us.

1. What happens when you reach Level 999 on Flappy Bird

We came across this video titled What happens when you reach level 999 on Flappy Bird, perhaps one of the most frustrating game ever made, and we thought you might like it:

As Gizmodo wrote, the silliest of silly games is impossible to beat because a familiar friend has gone villain and acts as the final boss. He’s sick and tired of letting little Flappy fly around in what is clearly his world. Die bird, die.

The video is obviously but wonderfully doctored by the guys at pipocaVFX but it’s pretty perfect. If you’re an impatient type, fast forward to around the one minute mark to get right to the end where level 999 starts.

After Flappy Bird was removed from the app store by the creator, something ridiculous happened too: An eBay user was selling an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed on it, for the starting price of $650. The price had jumped to $99,900, with 74 bids placed.

2. Flappy Bird Web Version

flappy bird web version

In case you have not tried Flappy Bird yet and did not have it installed on your smartphone, there’s a web version for which you can try out. Although the creator has removed the game from the app store and is no longer available for download, his legacy will definitely live on with the web version.

Following an onslaught of Flappy Bird clones, it seems that Google Play and the iTunes App Store have started to filter out “flappy” apps, and is no longer accepting apps with the name “Flappy” on it.

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