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A day after Vietnam-made international sensation Flappy Bird is taken down from the app store, something incomprehensible happened.

An eBay user is selling an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed on it, for the starting price of $650. At the time of this report, the price has already jumped to $99,900, with 74 bids placed.

flappy bird iphone5s

One may ask, are the bids legit? While some of them might be fake, the seller seems to be legit, and the bids are coming from several different users.

In case you missed out all the hype about Flappy Bird, you could read all about it online, but the game has been removed by the creator. The reason cited was because he couldn’t take the success of the game anymore.

flappy bird closes down

flappy bird removed

The game was reportedly bringing in about $55,000 in ad revenue per day over the past two weeks, after it was being downloaded by millions around the world.

If you want to get your hands on Flappy Bird, what you could do now is, spend $99,900 to bid on eBay for the iPhone with Flappy Bird installed. If $99,900 is too expensive for you, try searching for “iphone flappy bird installed” on eBay and you can find cheaper alternatives.

iphone flappy bird installed   eBay

Or you can try the web based Squishy Bird.

Careful though, it might be addictive.

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