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Mobile applications can be a real life-saver in our busy hardworking lives. Several of them especially come in handy when you have a long day ahead of you but all you want is to procrastinate or delay the list of projects and tasks you have to complete. At the end of the week, you are then left with an overloaded pile of work. It’s just like using a credit card everyday but ending up not paying for the bill when it comes at the end of the month—eventually your debts accumulate and increase at an undesirable amount.

Many of us need lists and reminders to help us throughout the day. Planning and scheduling are crucial to productivity at work. Therefore here are 10 apps and each of their features that will help you achieve just that.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a ‘list’ app which allows you to create ‘to-do’ tasks, with the option of reminders. Tasks can also be classified in specific categories, better known as checklists.

What’s so special about it: You can also share lists with an unlimited number of people with only their email address, therefore group projects can easily be organised. Tasks can then be assigned to a specific person and once the task is done, the other group members are notified via email. Moreover, tasks can be categorized in terms of importance. In fact, clicking on the star next to any task will automatically place the task in the ‘Starred’ list, also known as the ‘Important Items’ list. In addition, you can access your Wunderlist both on your smartphone and on your personal computer. Besides, the design and format of the application can be beautifully personalised.


2. Any.do

Any.do is another ‘list’ application, but this one appeals more to people looking for a minimalist app. It is a ‘to-do’ list, in which tasks can be categorised both in terms of ‘subject’ and ‘time’, for example, either in terms of ‘personal/work items’ or ‘today/tomorrow items’.

What’s so special about it? Its simplicity has a particular charm, especially since most applications are becoming more and more complex. Moreover, items are marked as ‘done’ by swiping them with your finger, giving the impression that you are literally crossing it out with a pen.


3. Evernote

Evernote is more than just a ‘to-do’ list application, it is also a digital notebook, which can be synced both on your smartphone and on your desktop. Checklists, notes, pictures, files, and more can be quickly stored in the app to be retrieved and used in the future for work. Any item can also be shared to other people via the ‘work chat’ feature, as long as you have the other persons’ email addresses.

What’s so special about it: At a glance, the application might appear messy but on the contrary: all items can actually be categorised in ‘Notebooks’. ‘Notebooks’ can be anything: they can be used to gather your project’s work information in all kinds of formats, and enables you to separate work from personal notes efficiently. Reminders can further be added.


4. ColorNote

ColorNote is also a ‘task list’ application, which enables you to both create ‘to-do’ checklists and ‘text’ notes. It is very simple and has the ‘reminder’ option.

What’s so special about it: This app focuses on colour classification. It is very pleasant to the eye as you open the app and allow yourself a quick glance at the list, especially if you are in a hurry. I would strongly suggest having one colour for each particular project.


5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the go-to app for people who are already actively using Google as their priority email, online documents and storage. The app is as straightforward as it looks like: it is an online calendar that can sync with Facebook and any other website involving in events and birthdays.

What’s so special about it? It is readily available, almost already included in all Android phones, and on your personal computer. It is colour-coded, therefore events, birthdays and custom reminders can easily be differentiated.


6. Gleeo Time Tracker

This mobile application is a ‘Time Tracker’: your assigned work for the day can be added and be broken down into simpler tasks. Each task appears as a sound track in the app and once you start working on a particular task, the ‘play’ button is to be clicked on, which will allow the app to record the time taken for completing the task.

What’s so special about it: Instead of simply reminding you of your projects and categorising your tasks, it also records how long you take to accomplish one task. This allows you to organize your time at work more efficiently.


7. Trello

Trello is mainly used for breaking down big projects into tasks, and is especially useful for group work, as members can easily be added. The default classification of a board (i.e. one project) is from a ‘To-do’ list, to a ‘Doing’ list, and finally to the ‘Done’ list.

What’s so special about it: It is highly customizable. Card (i.e. the task assigned) labels can be colour-coded. Meanwhile, cards are easily dragged from one list to another, with a simple swipe, making the app very responsive. Other than a web application, there’s also a mobile app for users who are on the go. It’s one of the easiest way to track what each member is working on and the progress of each task/project.


8. Asana

Asana is often used by employers to assign tasks to their employees, especially if there are several projects at hand. These projects can therefore be broken down among you and your co-workers, and your boss can easily track your progress.

What’s so special about it: The user interface has recently been updated to a more user-friendly and appealing design. Moreover, it can be easily accessible both on your smartphone and on any computer that has internet connection. In addition, it promotes flexibility at work, especially in terms of space, as conversations between coworkers and the employer have never been more facilitated.


9. My Study Life

‘My Study Life’ is helpful mainly if you are still studying, although it can also be used if you have a fixed weekly schedule that deals with different projects. Simply input your timetable and assignments or projects due and this app will remind you of everything you have scheduled for the day.

What’s so special about it: It reminds you of your classes/meetings 15 minutes before the actual meet-up time and reminds you of your tasks one or two days before it is due. The schedule-like interface also helps you to have an overview of your work for the day and you can use that to plan your activities and events ahead.


10. Dreamdays

Dreamdays is more of a complementary mobile app that is useful alongside more task-specific apps. It is efficient in reminding you of big projects and events through a custom countdown interface.

What’s so special about it: This app can easily turn into a widget to be placed on your home screen, for better access and so as to be able to check the time left to do the assigned project at a glance. Additionally, it is customisable and their options are pleasant to the eye.


There are tons of apps that are able to help you to list your tasks, projects, and errands; however, since everyone has their personal preferences, it’s wise to choose the ones that will optimise your efficiency best. After all, it’s to each his own when it comes to working habits and styles.

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