5 Most Backed “Made In Singapore” Kickstarter Projects

Singapore’s startup scene isn’t dead – far from it.

In fact, many budding entrepreneurs have taken to Kickstarter in the hopes of getting their projects off the ground.

It’s a brilliant idea, really – getting funds from the online community instead of waiting for the unlikely chance for an angel investor to come along – which explains the crowdfunding site’s impressive track record of 107,340 successfully funded projects.

Even though only a fraction of that number are “made in Singapore”, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any noteworthy ones that could be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

And so, we present: the 5 most backed Kickstarter campaigns created by our fellow Singaporeans.

1. SmartEgg

Number of backers: 2,210

Funds raised: $110,540 USD ($149,450 SGD)

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

Don’t be fooled by its innocuous appearance – the SmartEgg is actually the powerhouse of remote controllers.

It controls any infrared devices from your mobile phones via the SmartEgg app as long as you are within range. TVs, cameras, air conditioners; you name it.

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

What’s more, the SmartEgg has the ability to integrate several functions into one. This means with just one click, users can switch on their TV, home theatre system, and blu-ray player.

So sit back, relax, and get comfy, because this little device is here to fulfil all your couch potato fantasies.

Find it here.

2. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Number of backers: 2,112

Funds raised: £60,162 ($115,221 SGD)

Image credit: Kickstarter

Singapore may now be one step closer to joining the big leagues – in terms of gaming, that is.

The latest creation from homegrown Witching Hour Studios, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is a tactical action roleplaying game that marries a 15-hour long narrative with intricate graphics and personable characters.

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

This isn’t the studios’ first foray into the game development industry – their previous accomplishments include acclaimed mobile series Ravenmark, as well as iOS and Android app Romans In My Carpet.

The game has yet to be released, but it’s already won over backers with serious pull within the gaming community – among them being BioShock creative director Ken Levine, as well as internet service provider MyRepublic.

Find it here.

3. Aki Wallet

Number of backers: 1,415

Funds raised: $130,189 AUD ($129,626 SGD)

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.01.42 am

Following the success of their Haru and Natsu wallets, Kickstarter darlings Kisetsu introduced their third offering, the beautiful Aki. They also have a newer wallet, the Haru v2, which is an upgraded version of its predecessor.

The bi-fold wallet aims to combine beauty, form and function, and is also RFID shielded – this means that cards, and especially credit cards, stored in the wallet can be protected from unauthorised scanners.

The Aki also holds up to 8 cards, features a handy anti-spill coin slot and a Ninja-slot, which gives you concealed quick-access to cards you might not want to draw attention to.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.02.06 am

With the funding goal met in just 3 hours, it’s safe to say that the Kisetsu team successfully addressed the wallet woes many face.

Find it here.

4. The Perfect Sketchbook

Number of backers: 881

Funds raised: $53,850 USD ($72,812 SGD)

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

Founder Erwin Lian, a self-proclaimed “sketch-hunter”, was dissatisfied with the quality of sketchbooks in the market – so he decided to make one.

Lian collaborated with Bynd Artisan; a premium leather and paper label that has been in the local book-making business for over 70 years.

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

Filled with 60 pages of 100% cotton watercolour paper, The Perfect Sketchbook is a compact, leather-bound sketchbook made for travel artists and art enthusiasts.

Having raised a little over $50,000 USD and with the $20,000 USD goal reached within 36 hours of launch, who says art doesn’t pay?

Find it here.

5. Ventus: Caspian

Number of backers: 632

Funds raised: $206,467 AUD ($206,695 SGD)

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

The Ventus brand might not sound familiar just yet, but the people behind it have actually been around for quite a while.

Co-founder Mr Elshan Tang was involved in Kickstarter-funded Zelos back in 2014, releasing six designs under the Zelos brand – all of which exceeded their intended goal on the crowdfunding site.

A year later, Tang launched Ventus together with his friend, Mr Shane Sim. The duo wanted to offer affordable yet classic timepieces that differentiated themselves from the generic high-end watches out there – hence the Caspian was born.

Image credit: Kickstarter
Image credit: Kickstarter

A reinterpretation of the WW2 pilot watch, the Caspian found much success on Kickstarter, with 632 backers exceeding their original $30,000 goal by more than six times.

Find it here.

With the massive success these local Kickstarters got, who says that innovation is dead?

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