KC Lim’s family background is one that most of us might be familiar with. He comes from a family where both his parents had little formal education; however they worked hard to earn a living and to put KC through university to obtain a graduate degree.

Despite having a degree, KC pondered on how education by itself is no longer quite enough to survive in this modern age of continuous learning.

It was over drinks one day that he and his eventual business partner, Kevin Boey realised that there was a lack of a platform which digitally houses upskilling courses under one roof.

Kevin, a tech guy and a self proclaimed walking dictionary in all things IT, also felt strongly for this idea because he himself has seen firsthand how training programmes and certification courses significantly impact one’s life.

With KC’s business acumen from his 10 years of experience in the training industry and Kevin’s 12 years of professional experience in running IT-related training services, the two powerhouses decided to join forces for the sake of nurturing local talent. Thus, Quorsé was conceived.

A Marketplace For Education

Image Credit: Quorse
Image Credit: Quorse

Quorsé is a training marketplace for learners, independent trainers, training providers, professionals and businesses to discover, search and enrol in training courses from diverse categories.

Across 4,500 dedicated courses and counting, Quorsé hosts industry-specific courses such as software programming, as well as personal development and soft skill courses. They’re even about to add a course to teach you how to fly a drone!

Some of the popular courses include those offered by tech giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and VMware. But what makes the selection unique is dedicated courses that one could sign up for, such as “how to present like Steve Jobs”.

Image Credit: Quorse
Image Credit: Quorse

All courses, with some starting as low as RM250, range from 1-day programs to 35-day ones, as well as comprehensive 3-month part time learning programmes. With 600+ trainers on board, Quorsé hopes to beat the traditional classroom setting by making learning less mundane for both users and the trainers that they engage.

After all, learning is a continuous lifelong process, and Quorsé hopes to tap into this and have returning users who will continue to build up their repertoire of skills. At the time of writing, they have amassed 30,000 users of various ages and aim to have at least 30% more users by the end of this year.

Benefitting All Ends At Once

Image Credit: Quorsé
Image Credit: Quorsé

Training partners may have good ideas, learning modules and great programmes, but they may not have a solid platform to showcase their area of specialisation, so this is where Quorsé comes into play.

The team actively reaches out to potential training partners that specialise in certain industries to offer courses which are unique or those which are necessary to users in this modern age. By identifying gaps in the market, they are able to contact specific training partners so as to engage them to partner with Quorsé.

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Trainers, on the other hand, get a taste of what it’s like to reach out to the masses. The cherry on top is that they can park their course offerings on the site with no time limit, and it costs them nothing. Training partners can also leverage on Quorsé’s growing database of users to market their courses, keep track of and monitor important information such as course enrolments and schedules.

The Importance Of Learning 

Image Credit: Quorse
Image Credit: Quorse

With Malaysia being a developing country, training and education is an essential facet for self-improvement and improved business productivity. This would in turn lead to a rise in job opportunities, career growth and most importantly, the ability to constantly evolve and upskill oneself.

Quorsé shared with Vulcan Post how there has even been real-life scenarios whereby working professionals are talented on paper but still face the challenges of displaying soft skills—and that is almost always mandatory these days, regardless of one’s vocation.

What Quorsé hopes to bring to the table signifies a change in how education should be viewed. It is not merely just the young minds which should be filled, but instead those of working professionals who have the ability to create immediate change in the society with the knowledge that they have earned.

Image Credit: Quorse
Image Credit: Quorse

“Unfortunately, a majority of people think that reading self-help books is already enough to coach themselves, be it for work, self-improvement, health and so forth,” the team relayed disappointingly.

To a certain extent this is true, but that in itself is limiting; head knowledge falls short in comparison to actual real life application.

Therefore, they champion the importance of attending short to mid-term courses, in order to fortify that knowledge and gain a deeper perspective and understanding on the subject matter. Learning, after all, is not just merely from the trainer, but also from other participants and the environment in which the course is conducted.

“The best way to advance as a country economically and to alleviate the poverty of the mind is through learning. We thrive in a world where the demands for continuous self-improvement and value-added skills is a growing necessity,” the team said.

Perhaps that is one way that Quorsé can add value to the education realm in our country.

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