Sportify is an app that plans to help connect sportsmen and also simplify the booking of sports venues.

Published 2016-08-29 13:07:02

As proven by the recent Olympics, one thing that can unite people regardless of age and gender is sports. Common to every country, there have been countless of ways for people to meet and bond with each other through this.

There is a certain problem however. Sometimes you’ll have those days where a member of your team backs out and you’re scrambling to find a last minute replacement, looking through all your mobile contacts in hopes of finding that one person to fill up your team numbers in order to play.

Other times you’re frantically scouring through Google for sport venues that can accommodate your team immediately due to inevitable circumstances happening to your prior booking.

So a group of sport fanatics decided to take things into their own hands and revolutionise the way people play sports in Malaysia.

For Players, By Players

Image Credit: Sportify
Image Credit: Sportify

Sportify was founded back in May 2016 by a team of sports enthusiasts.

“We had observed and understood the tedious process a sportsperson goes through in order to find a sports activity. It is very common for sportsmen and women to seek a last minute replacement through their Facebook and WhatsApp contacts to make up the numbers. Not to mention those hours spent just calling a few sport venues and organise games headcount in WhatsApp group before they can successfully book one.

So they worked together and came up with Sportify, a single platform where players are able to connect with each other, create or join games and even make sport venue bookings with just a few taps on their mobile.

“To give you a short and sweet summary of what Sportify is all about, Sportify is developed as a revolutionary mobile application aims to takes the hassle of booking a sport venue and organising a sport game. Put it short, it is Agoda and Meetup for sport industry,” said Sportify.

Currently, the team has grown to having 7 full-time members from 5 different nationalities. In just a span of 3 months, the startup has been able to sign an agreement with more than a 100 sport courts throughout Malaysia and they are also in the midst of signing a NDA with one of the largest golf associations in our country.

“Sportify is also selected to be featured at an exhibit at Tech in Asia Tokyo on 6 September and Web Summit Lisbon on 7 November. We’re very proud to see how far our progress is in just only 3 months.”

Revolutionising The Classics

Image Credit: Sportify
Image Credit: Sportify

Not only do the athletes get benefits from using this platform, but sport venue operators can seek to gain as well. By simplifying their business operation, they can minimise the need for days spent just picking up phone calls and jotting down bookings on scraps of paper. Sportify aims to focus on aggregating their listings on our platform and digitise this scattered sports sector.

“A lot of time is actually wasted just on managing the tedious factors to play sports but now the hassle is cut down because the app is geared to sort that problem out for you. So now players can spend their time on the more enjoyable part and forgo the rest,” said co-founder of Sportify, Nick Leong.

The Sportify app is set to launch in coming months for both Android and iOS devices, where the team will officially announce it via their website and Facebook page.

“The sport and fitness industry is slowly heating up with IHS Electronics predicting global downloads of sport and fitness mobile apps to go from 156 million in 2012 to 248 million next year. In fact, we’ve already had thousands of users registering their interest on our landing page prior to our official launch,” said Sportify.

“We’re excited to see the future of playing and arranging sport activities expand in Malaysia with the introduction of our app.”

Feature Image Credit: Sportify

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