We know how to say and use thank you verbally, but what happens when you need to express gratitude on the road while driving?

Published 2016-09-08 13:23:49

A universal phrase everyone is accustomed to is the expression of true gratitude. Each country has their own unique way of showing how thankful they can be towards someone, whether it be verbal or through a certain action.

However, when it comes to the non-verbal way of going about this, Malaysians might find that not everyone understands gestures the same way.

Jason Lim, a local film director and producer known to create videos with deep meanings, has worked with NPG Agency Sdn Bhd to bring a short video about saying thank you non-verbally.

The video which is titled ‘Thank You’ depicts how even when doing common activities such as driving, it is still possible to express gratitude in a different way. This practice is already a norm in certain countries such as Japan, which are also known to have a community of people with polite manners. So why not we follow in their footsteps?

You can watch the video below:

The message of the video seemed to resonate well with the local crowd as it has been shared nearly 2100 times and has already racked close to 400,000 views on Facebook. People have also been leaving positive comments approving this idea and stating their desires to instill this mannerism between drivers in our country as soon as possible.

So Malaysians, next time you are given way by another car, don’t forget to say thanks because it is simple acts like this that can make a big difference.

Feature Image Credit: Jason Lim Productions

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