Discover SG is Singapore's newest top lifestyle portal. Take a look behind the scenes of the latest and hippest guide to our lovely island.

Samantha Tay  |  Singapore
Published 2016-12-01 18:25:39

What are the top hobbies of Singaporeans? If you were to ask anyone around you, you’d probably hear things like “eat, shop, and then eat some more”.

The Singapore scene for food and events is always evolving, with a high turnover rate for what’s hot and what’s not. So where do you go to find out more about the latest food trends and happenings around town?

Well, instead of spending time doing research, why not let Discover SG do the heavy lifting for you?

Discover Singapore With Discover SG

Discover SG is the latest online platform that curates the fun and exciting things in Singapore, thus making them easily accessible to anyone anywhere.

From featuring homegrown superstar Nathan Hartono to giving you a heads up on cheap hidden shopping gems, Discover SG is a one-stop portal for the Singaporean (or Singapore dweller) who wants to be in-the-know.

Image Credit: Discoversg
Image Credit: Discoversg

Leveraging on local talents, the portal will give you the lowdown on upcoming events, as well as tips on how to get the best experiences out of them.

Image Credits: Discoversg
Image Credit: Discoversg

But it’s not just about shopping and parties, how about if they offer you free coffee while you surf the net?

Image Credit: Discoversg
From now till 31 March 2017! / Image Credit: Discoversg

Seeing that Singapore is utopia for foodies, the portal also boasts an entire section dedicated to feeding you the newest gastronomical delights and inviting you to hippest food parties.

Image Credits: Discoversg
Image Credit: Discoversg

The Faces Of Discover SG

Image Credit: Discoversg
Image Credit: Discover SG

A unique aspect of Discover SG is its Brand Ambassador programme, which throws the spotlight on personality-driven content.

Since the inception of Discover SG, the programme has come a long way with more than 20 Ambassadors now representing the brand. Through them, the site also becomes a popular and highly accessible platform for other brands to collaborate with.

Image Credit: kimberleyyong_ Instagram
Image Credit: kimberleyyong_ Instagram
Image Credit: shivonchua Instagram
Image Credit: shivonchua Instagram

And don’t be surprised if you’ve seen or heard of any of them – the Ambassadors are some of the most popular personalities in the local Instagram scene.

Each of Discover’s Ambassadors are chosen for their wholesome personalities, and are “actively discovering Singapore [as] micro influencers in their own social community”.

Behind The Scenes With Discover SG

Icons of SG / Image Credit: Discover SG

Founded in January 2016 by Jacky Yap, one of the initial challenges of setting up Discover SG was the extreme competitiveness of the online media space. That meant that Discover SG was competing with, not just other explore Singapore-style sites, but with its own sister publications as well.

According to Yap, “building a brand is a long ongoing process,” and every day, they needed “authoritative and exclusive content“.

As such, one of the main rules that guides the team on a day-to-day basis is “Will the average Singaporean be interested in this? And has it already been covered by someone else?”

But if it has, that does not mean the team has hit a dead end. Instead, the writing talents of Discover SG give the news a fresh twist, so that readers will be able to enjoy it from another perspective.

Dishing out a non-stop series of reads, the portal has now developed into an staple in the diets of many millennials. In its 4th month alone, the site hit 400,000 views, the success of which was boosted by Parrot, the award-winning in-house content intelligence platform that keeps the team up-to-date on viral news.

The Future Of Discover SG

Image Credit: Discoversg
Image Credit: Discoversg

 “The day regular Singaporeans instinctively turn to Discover SG to get ideas on what they want to eat and where to party is when we know we’ve delivered value to Singaporeans.”

At the moment, Discover SG is still “far from success“, but there are plenty of ways for the platform to grow, says Yap.

The Discover SG team does not narrow their sights down on specific competitors, but instead approach it “in terms of attention spent”.

If particular sites, video channels or even gaming apps are garnering much attention, the team works on understanding and learning from them. This broadens their avenues for growth, allowing them to synthesise the best of everything in order to propel themselves forward.

And in the vibrant Singapore scene, there are always new events for Discover SG to share with readers.

But for now, the best part is that the holidays are here! So if you have a free week or two, why not check out what Discover SG has to offer Check them out at DiscoverSG.com, and for those of you who prefer to like, share and comment, check their Facebook for updates!

Discover SG is a sister publication of Vulcan Post.

Featured Image Credit: Discoversg

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