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In a survey jointly released by The Straits Times and global research company Statista today (April 30), Apple came in first on a list of Singapore’s Best Employers among companies and institutions with a workforce of at least 200 employees in the country.

Google secured the second spot, followed by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (Heineken Asia Pacific), German multinational enterprise Siemens and Motorola Solutions Singapore.

The survey, which gathered insights from more than 14,000 employees from over 2,000 employers in 27 industry sectors, scored employers based on two elements: each employee’s willingness to recommend one’s own employer, and their willingness to recommend other employers in their industries.

The highest overall scores were attained by employers from the clothing, biotechnology and food industries. This could be linked to the general recovery of these sectors with the travel economy rising back to pre-pandemic levels and demand for and supply of goods rebounding, said Jana Meusel, the team lead for employer analysis at Statista R. 

There is a greater emphasis on work-life balance and remuneration

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As digital connectivity continues to expand, blurring the lines between professional and personal time, the survey revealed that dissatisfaction work-life balance is a main reason why employees choose to leave an employer.

There is also a correlation between employees’ satisfaction with their work-life balance and their willingness to recommend their employers to others. The more satisfied they were with their work-life balance, the more willing they were to recommend their employers.

Additionally, salary has become a more important factor for employee satisfaction worldwide, including in Singapore, following uncertainties from the pandemic and inflation.

For businesses to maintain their competitive edge in the labour market, it’s vital for them to align themselves to the values and expectations of the workforce, especially the younger generation. In the future job world, these younger employees are increasingly looking for purpose and diversity in their roles.

For the Lego Group, which came in at No. 8 on the list, Amrita Singh, its head of people-partnering for the Asia-Pacific and Singapore hub, told The Straits Times that the company “offers staff a place where they can unleash their creativity and imagination”. “Play is synonymous with our brand, and we are constantly finding new ways to uniquely integrate play into the work we do every day.”

Meanwhile, Google Singapore holds town halls and podcasts with senior leaders to engage in open dialogue, where they share their personal reflections on the business to build trust and connection with other colleagues. 

According to Ben King, the managing director of Google Singapore, the company “regularly checks in” on its employees through “pulse surveys and conversations” to better understand their experiences and thoughts on productivity and well-being, besides giving them the autonomy to manage their time and environment.

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