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2016 has seen its fair share of innovative gadgets introduced to our community and with each change, mobile technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds.

Nowadays, people don’t go for just a good camera and good sound quality when it comes to their phones. Most of us want a little more extra so that the investment made when purchasing a high tech mobile phone would be all that more worth it.

So if you’re sitting there watching the year end and wondering what’s a good new phone to get to replace that shabby outdated one you’ve had for years, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is one you can definitely consider. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) Strong screen protection.

We all know the horror when your precious mobile phone slips out of your hands towards the cold hard ground. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than the sickening crunch of glass shattering.

The S7 Edge uses damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 4 for both sides of the phone, making it durable against certain amounts of abuse. A new technique of production was used for the Gorilla Glass 4 which makes it very hard yet flexible.

Some tests have been done to see how much it can withstand. It’s shown that the S7 Edge can drop from about 1 meter (3 feet and 2 inches) onto a hard surface before it sustains any damage, which is pretty impressive.

2) Wide range of beautiful colours.

Image Credit: Samsung Malaysia Electronics

The standard colours for most of the Samsung phones include black, gold and silver. But to bring in more variation to their range, the S7 Edge came with a few different options as well such as the coral blue that was newly made available for purchase.

The blue coral edition keeps to the theme for this year’s colour trends which are less vivid and more tranquil. They also went for the whole nature theme where the colour gives off a bit of shimmer as though it was illuminated from the inside of the phone’s glass surface.

So you don’t even need any fancy phone case to make your phone look cooler. Also to make you feel a little bit more special, this stunning colour is exclusive to just the S7 Edge.

3) High water resistance.

When you talk about smartphones being waterproof, there’s usually this rating called IP which is short for Ingress Protection and the numbers after that shows you a general idea of how strong the protection is.

The S7 Edge has a rating of IP68 which means it has a level 6 protection against dust which should completely seal any form of dust from getting inside. The 8 in the IP68 rating has to do with its protection against water.

Image Credit: Android Central

8 is a good rating because it means the phone’s internals are able to stay dry beyond a meter for a specific amount of time. Tests have shown that it could withstand being in 1.5 meters of water for about 30 minutes with no water damage.

But of course, the best advice is to just not bring your phones into any water. Keep them dry always, folks.

4) Camera performance.

Megapixels actually don’t really play a big role when determining the best mobile camera any longer. Despite the S7 Edge having fewer megapixels compared to the S6, there’s been a lot of improvements made in terms of quality.

Basically what was updated is that the S7 Edge is more geared towards improving low-light performance. It uses a new tech called Dual Pixels that helps the phone auto-focus quickly and more accurately.

Image Credit: phandroid.com

So no more suffering during those late night parties if you want to get some good shots. People can be moving and dancing about in the dark and you’ll still probably come up with amazing photos.

5) Memory.

After taking away the microSD slot option from the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7 Edge brings back the SD Card and expendable storage to Samsung’s flagship line with the choice for internal storage being 32GB.

That’s already a decent amount for the base with the potential addition of an SD card slot that can accommodate more external storage. This alleviates most issues faced by mobile users who love going crazy with downloads and storing photos and videos in their mobile.

If this phone has tickled your fancy and you’re itching to get one for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season, you’re in luck. There’s an excellent rebate waiting for you to use so you can get it at a more affordable price.

Samsung is offering their promotion for S7 edge phones now to all existing Samsung Galaxy users via mySamsung app which you can download here. Samsung Galaxy users will get a rebate of RM300 OFF the purchase of S7 edge from now till 19th February.

For more information about this promotion, visit the Samsung website here.

This article was brought to you by Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Feature Image Credit: cnbeta.com

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