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Guys, brace yourselves for those Pickup Line memes because Valentine’s Day is coming up again.

V-day ETA is 7 days away and many are preparing for the big day. By now, some people have started dropping hints to their beaus about how they feel about Valentine’s. Are they the type to expect a big surprise? Do they just want a low-key night? Are gifts essential or a nice bonus?

Wherever you stand on the single–couple spectrum this February, you deserve to spend a lovely February the 14th. And since we’re so nice, we’ve even helped you with some gift ideas for the kind of Valentiner you are.

Whether you’re single and celebrating with your friends or a couple that’s been dating so long that everyone assumes you’re married with 2.5 kids, here’re some ideas for all.

1. A Shout-Out For Those Celebrating “Singles Awareness Day”

You’ve felt this more than once.

Guys, the world doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We singles should stick together for a night out, and finally try out those red solo cups we always see in American teen comedies. Perhaps we could try out a karaoke rendition of All By Myself?

Don’t sit at home grumbling about the travesty of a day that’s just made for couples. Make your own destiny. Head out and turn that #singlelife into a night out of fun and mingling.

Valentines isn’t ruled by the couples. For just RM200*, four single buddies can go for a night out to wine and dine at TREC, and even get the gifts specially hand-delivered by GoGet—because you’re worth it. This limited GrabLove with GoGet package is available on the Grab app from the 9th to 10th February!

*Prices may vary from merchant to merchant.

2. The Person Who Is Completely Overwhelmed

Valentine’s day is scary business.

“Wait, so how many types of flowers are there? Just roses then… what do you mean which colour?”

Even “Just flowers and dinner,” opens you up to an absolute plethora of potential options, and now you’re not sure exactly which exact brand of earring is the best type to get for your girl.

To bring a bit of peace into your life, scroll through this array of gifts and pick at a click of a button, and get the added bonus of a special delivery for that special one.

Or, perhaps you could even try something a bit different this year and set up a double or even a triple date and let the other couples make the decision making. There’s a special deal on the Grab app for groups of 4 or 6 that comes with dinner reservations and even free chocolate. You can find out more here.

Paint the town red with GoGet.

3. The Big-Hearted Who Gives Love To Everyone

They’ve probably actually tried.

They say that Valentine’s Day is a day of love, so there’s always that one person in the office who gets a single rose (or brownie) for everyone.

Their hearts are as big as the baskets they use to carry the flowers up the elevator, because even the office snob deserves to feel love on this day.

So if you’re one of these people with big hearts, GoGet can get the mouth-watering chocolate brownie from Brownie Bros with a red rose delivered to all of your lovelies for just RM16!

4. The Person Whose Relationship Is A Tale As Old As Time

It’s been years okay?

You love bae and you have the perfect date planned out—5 Valentine’s ago.

Between birthdays, anniversaries and “I screwed up so I bought you this” bribes, you’ve run through the whole gamut of relationship milestones. You already know if you’re treating boo right, every day is like Valentine’s Day.

This year, just skip the hassle and let the young’uns have their Valentine’s date outside. 14th of February is the time to snuggle up in sweatpants and cuddle up in front of the TV. There’s so many good TV series or movies to spam.

Make it a movie night by ordering surplus meals at 40–70% off the normal price via ResQ Club app and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. ResQ Club works by helping food that is otherwise wasted get to consumers at a discounted price. You get to be romantic and do your part to save the environment.

5.  The One Who Sees It As A Very Serious Business

When your only competition is yourself.

Some people dread Valentine’s day, but there are those among us who take Valentine’s day as a competitive sport worthy of the Olympics.

No, they aren’t competing with just anyone. These masters are in a league of their own and are determined to show their bae the best time of their life.

Since you have so much to do, it’s not a bad idea to get assistants to help you sweat the small stuff, between full-apartment decorations to an elaborate bouquet customised to bae’s exact favourite flowers.

This month, GoGet is partnering up with ServisHero to bring more vouchers and discounts. Any jobs posted on GoGet with the gogetmyservishero promo code entitles the users to Rm20 ServisHero voucher codes. This way, you can get more done. Use GoGet to grab a gorgeous bouquet and ServisHero to help clean and spruce up your house just in time for your home-cooked romantic candlelit dinner. What better way to impress your Valentine?

Start with posting your job on GoGet here.

6. The One To Whom Everything Is New

Big teddies make the world go round.

Most couples will understand the newly-minted feeling of love in its early days and that is a feeling worth cherishing.

For what feels like the very first time, those love songs on the radio finally make sense. All those clichés in movies and happily-ever-afters? You’re just lapping them up and by all of the higher powers, you’re going to make it count.

And such big emotions deserve a big gesture. For RM149, send your love a cuddly life-sized teddy bear from ZenZenDream to match your unending emotions and enjoy the added bonus of sticking it up to those other couples who think that they are more romantic than you.

7. The Chocoholic

Chocolate will never hurt you.

This is for everyone that if the shopkeeper asks ‘would you like this gift-wrapped?’, awkwardly say yes because no one must know that you are going to eat all of it by yourself. And you’re going to like it.

Thank consumerism that chocolates are such a popular Valentine’s Day gift with so many options, but now you can spare yourself the shame by getting that box of premium chocolates delivered to your doorstep at just RM16. The Dark Knight premium handmade chocolate from Chocolate Republic will definitely sweep you off your feet.

(Hint: For the disgruntled people still finding a gift for their food-loving bae, here’s a good opportunity.)

8. The Forgetful Dory 

Wait, it’s already February?

And you told yourself that you wouldn’t forget this year too.

You’re welcome, for reminding you by the way. For now you still have time to get something sorted for the love of your life that you should be appreciating.

Friendly suggestion; save this article for when you completely forget again until the day actually comes because now you can get last-minute help to get movie tickets and chocolates or balloons, while you sit back and watch the best Valentine’s Day falling into place, without you lifting up a finger.

You’re welcome.

Your GF will totally think you had this planned ages ago. Find out how you can easily enlist the help from the reliable GoGetters.

And if you’ve found that all your default restaurants are fully booked, Grab’s partnership with GoGet allows you to score a reservation for Valentine’s Day dinner at participating TREC cafes.

This article was brought to you by GoGet Malaysia.

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