Memes are a curious thing that at most time defy logic, and the latest to join them is the floppy Trash Dove made popular in Thailand.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2017-02-14 18:08:19

Trash Dove is the latest meme sensation to have taken over the internet.

Unless you are a social media recluse, you might have seen a head-banging purple bird or twenty on your news feed in the last few days. The floppy Trash Dove is officially the next breakout meme of 2017 after #SaltBae.

What Is A Trash Dove?

Image Credit: Syd Weiler

These Trash Doves started life as a series of drawing by Florida artist and illustrator Syd Weller. It first made an appearance through Syd’s regular livestreams, where where she would create a series of works from scratch live on the internet.

Image Credit: Syd Weiler

Trash Doves was one of them, and her fans loved it so much that she submitted the designs for consideration to be made into Facebook stickers – which they eventually came to be at the start of February.

They were released to little fanfare, really, but that soon changed as the people of Thailand took the first steps into elevating the humble Trash Dove into meme heaven.

Trash Dove
Image Credit: Syd Weiler

But out of all the stickers, one stood out above the rest.

Comments section were soon flooded with all these purple pigeons, and it wasn’t long before this little bird transcended social media an became a cult hit.

And it’s all because of this video that went viral.


You’ve guessed it, people have even began cosplaying as a Trash Dove.

Syd herself even made a thank you video and commemorative Trash Dove for her Thai fans.

Image Credit: Syd Weiler

And soon after its Thai popularity boom, the Dove soon infected the internet all over the globe.

Trash Dove Goes International

Image Credit: Google Trends

A week after the Trash Dove overpopulated the Thai internet, the trend caught on internationally and the stats on Google reflect its sudden surge in popularity.

Image Credit: Google Trends

The top is of course still Thailand, but from the map we can see that the Trash Dove has more or less conquered most of the developed world.

Image Credit: Razer Facebook

Soon the comment sections of prominent brands and publications were soon flooded with the floppy Trash Dove, and Razer is one of the ‘victims’.

But instead of taking this negatively, in true Razer style, they owned it.

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

It finally got the recognition it deserved when everyone’s favourite meme resource site, Know Your Meme, put up a dedicated page for it.

The Trash Dove is now legit.

Still don’t get what all the hype is all about? Here’s a simple explainer video:

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