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Kurechii is back at it again with a brand spanking new game.

Their previous hits Tiny Guardians and The King’s League: Odyssey have already managed to garner them quite a following, so anticipation was high for their new offering.

The latest game to be released by this Malaysian studio is named Postknight and it continues their theme of RPG games with adorable characters and a straightforward strategy-type gameplay.

Android users were able to get a taste of their beta phase in the last quarter of 2016 but on February 9 2017, it was released worldwide on both the Apple App store and Google Play. Since its release, it has received over a million downloads, which indicates that their formula has created another hit.

Starting The Game

Image Credit: Postknight

You my friend, are now a rookie Postknight. Think of yourself as a postman, but equipped with more skills.

Unlike the general postman where your enemy is mostly a dog, these ones come in the form of angry dire wolves that want to rip you limb from limb no matter how cute your character looks.

You’re sent over to a village called Pompon where the citizens have been scattered because of a scary mean dragon that you don’t even see until much later.

Though your job is to actually just send letters and packages, you’ll have to find these missing villagers before you can actually become their delivery guy as well.

Living The Delivery Life

The missions are short sessions of RPG battles where you’ll be auto-running towards enemies and striking them along the way.

The gameplay.

There are 3 main controls for you to focus on: charge, shield and potion skills.

The three main controls.

The three skills can be used multiple times but each have a ‘cooldown’ period. That’s where the strategising comes in. For example, if you activate the shield too early and run into the archers, their arrows aren’t gonna show you any mercy until your skill recharges.

Each route lasts about 10–20 seconds and there are five routes to choose from. The routes you complete will unlock new characters and additional hazards that the Postknight must help with.

The enemies start off with wolves and archers but you’ll soon encounter stronger enemies like pirates, bird-nappers, and other threats. Even though the missions may seem repetitive at one point, you can’t just employ the same strategy of charging through them all to finish the route.

You’ll deliver all sorts of letters, parcels and items. This doesn’t affect gameplay itself, but it’s a nice bonus to pay attention to. I delivered a cauldron of soup once, among other things.

Image Credit: Postknight

The upgrade system includes levelling up your equipment and potion skills using the loot gathered from your fallen enemies. You also get a treasure chest at the end of every mission which gives you three different rewards.

You can also upgrade your stats such as strength, agility, and intelligence to make yourself even stronger against the enemies.

Image Credit: kurechii.com

There are quite a number of NPCs in each town, from the blacksmith for improving your equipment to the item-selling merchant.

But what I personally find interesting are the bachelorettes for you to woo with items you collect during your journey. If you manage to enchant one enough, she’ll return the favour with exclusive gifts of her own and even help out during one of your delivery runs.

Sidenote, Magnolia is best girl. ‘Nuff said.


Image Credit: kurechii.com

The missions start off fairly easy, despite the enemies becoming tougher as you progress. I found myself stuck on some story missions but after upgrading my equipment and stats, it became much easier. You should replay completed routes to help boost your stats before progressing on harder missions.

You can also take on delivery quests. These missions are usually standalone assignments but you get Postknight tokens which increase your rank and in turn, increases your rewards.

One thing that will probably slow your pace down is the health bar.

The health does regenerate quite fast though (12HP every three seconds) and if you did a good job defending yourself over in the previous route, you’ll be ready to jump into the next quest immediately.

Upgrading your potion skills while waiting for health to regen.

Personally for me, I never felt like this was a barrier because I used that time to wait in upgrading my equipment or gift presents to the ladies because I’m a true Casanova.

Overall, I would have to commend Kurechii on the pacing of this game. They were pretty generous with giving items, coins and EXP to max out your stats and the missions aren’t too long either.

To be honest, one of my biggest struggles was having the slay the adorably dangerous enemies.

If you’re curious to know what the life and routine of a Postknight is like, you can download the game for free on the Apple App store and Google Play.

Feature Image Credit: Kurechii

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