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I’m dead tired. So, so tired. Yesterday’s discussion on Skype lasted way longer than I thought it would. Sure, I’m glad it was a fruitful one, but by the time I got in bed, I felt like my eyelids were bricks.

But there’s no time to complain, my first daily win is to beat the sun before it rises. It sets the tone right for the rest of my day and God knows I need as much positive vibes as I can get.


So much for beating the sun. Let it win today. I need a few more minutes of preciou- ZZzzz…


Ah crap. I can hear my tablet buzzing. Damn notifications.

Will these e-mails ever stop?

My team thinks that using capital letters in their email subject will get my attention.

They forget that the huge screen of my tablet is more than enough. I get it, guys. Stop nagging!

Why are they all hounding me anyway? What’s my co-founder for, ugh.

Need to clear my mind. Going for a quick run first. Adrenaline always helps.


Gawd I reek. Shower time.

Found myself a quote of the day. Gonna share it out on social media and to the team!

You could have a million ideas, but they’re all worthless if you don’t get them done.


I need the intern to jump onto finding more quotes. Can’t let my team lose out on the motivation!


All freshened up! Lists, calendars, targets, presentations.

I can’t keep that all in my head. Let’s see what I have to do for the month…

Well then.

F*ck this sh*t. #$%#$^!

I need coffee.

Hmmm feels like I’m missing a couple of things. Note to self, check in with the team on that.

Lots of pitches to make in March, looking for an angel to lift me up. This next one is going to be the one, it has to be.


Just got to the office. Should get started on the ideas for client’s content.

Another day, another picky client.

So pleased with what I’ve came up with so far. I’m referring to the cat doodle, kinda cute, no?

Ugh stop getting distracted! The touch screen is useful and all but cat-drawing is not why I got it for.

Why are the interns coming in late all the time? Gotta address this time management issue at the team huddle. Can’t let the cancer start.


Gosh I’m starving. Lunch time! Didn’t pack any food from home today but I can easily make an online order now.

Coffee is my friend. Civilisation must have been built on caffeine.

Sometimes it helps to actually write things down, but I need something to keep my mind stimulated as I work.

Yes! Found the perfect playlist.

Spotify is life.

The bass is dropping and I’m hustlin’.

The team is grooving to the music too, they don’t admit it, but I bet they’re jealous of this tablet’s Hi-Fi sound quality. When I told them about Harman Kardon certified dual speakers they weren’t convinced, but now, this is how I “persuade” everyone to listen to the beats that I like.

Super Wide Sound 3.0 technology, baby. Don’t play play.


It’s time to run out for a meeting soon, but I forgot to charge the tablet last night. I blame “old age”.

Fortunately I have 20 minutes to charge it and thanks to the 5100 mAh high-density lithium battery, it should still last me for a good couple of hours till I get back. Whew!

Ah sh*t. Waze says it’s bloody jammed. At this time of the day?!


Stupid traffic earlier, it felt like a car rave party in the heart of the city, where no one gets to move. And both my phone and my tablet rang earlier while I was driving.

Why does everyone all want to contact me at the same time?

Oh. It’s mom. Another family dinner?

…now to dig up my pitch on what I do and how I’m not “wasting my engineering degree” in some “god-forsaken small company” that no one knows about.

I’m the boss of myself and my own company ok. Isn’t that worth the tradeoff?


Best game ever. Shame if you haven’t tried it.

This isn’t what it looks like, I swear.

Everyone needs a time to clear their mind. It’s called pulsing or batching. I work without distractions for 30 minute blocks, then I get 5 minutes to chill and wind down.

Top entrepreneurs swear by it, the internet says so. It must be true. Also, I’m making full use of this tablet’s crystal clear ultra 2.5K high resolution display. Sharper details and vivid colours, you know, for *cough* destressing.

Now, dinner time and then back to work.


The day’s ended for most of the office drones, but I’m still going.

I need to check through our marketing rates and make sure that the presentation deck looks good.

It’s late, but this screen automatically adjusts the level of contrast, backlight, and brightness, the screen won’t induce any eyestrain even with sharpened browsing and display.

Talk about that Tumblr aesthetic.


Having an early night, apparently sleep is for the weak; however today I will gladly trade in sleep for the sake of my sanity.

Well… a few doggie videos before bed won’t hurt. Even in low light, this tablet’s 4,096 backlights will deliver all the cuteness I need, without blinding me.

Dog videos always make me feel better.

Alright fine, so we have to come clean.

We don’t actually 100% know what it’s like to be a stressed out startup founder that’s constantly under the pressure to perform and exceed expectations. This “diary” doesn’t even cut it close.

The entrepreneur life isn’t for everyone, but having the right tools and the right team play a major role in making it that much better. Any founder would attest to that, we’re sure.

While we can’t help you find the right team, we can at least help with the suggestion of one tool.

The versatile device we featured in this article was the Huawei Mediapad M3.

Here are the specs and features that particularly impressed us:

  • Battery: 5100mAh battery that lasts for days without needing us to charge it multiple times
  • Sleek design: Lightweight, easy to carry around and about
  • Sound: Dual 1-watt speaker system with Super Wide Sound 3.0 (S.W.S 3.0), Huawei’s latest sound technology to further enhance the sound quality
  • RAM: 4GB RAM to ensure the tablet always runs smoothly even when multiple apps are open simultaneously
  • Storage: 32 or 64GB (extendable to 128GB) to ensure that there’s always enough room for all the photos, videos and apps that you’d need
  • Front fingerprint sensor: It only needs 0.47 milliseconds to unlock, one tap go back to the ‘previous page’, and a long tap go back to the Home page. You can also swipe the sensor to flip through your open tabs or pages
  • Camera: 8MP (front) and 8MP (back)
  • SIM card slot: LTE enabled, and allows you to make calls
  • Supports Microsoft Office, for working on-the-go

And Here’s How To Get One

If you’re keen to get your hands on the Huawei Mediapad M3, you can head on over to Huawei’s official stores on Lazada or 11street to find it in either Silver (32GB storage) or Gold (64GB storage).

This article was brought to you by Huawei.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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