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You may or may not have seen HAUSBOOM‘s sparkling fruit juices in your local 7-11 or convenience store.

With their quirky doodled label thanks to senior graphic designer Wan Farah and 6 different fruity flavours to choose from, it seems like the team behind HAUSBOOM has struck some sort of sparkly gold… sparkling fruit juice gold, that is.

Retailing at RM3.90 a for 275ml glass bottle (but we’ve seen them go up to RM5.00 a bottle), at first glance there doesn’t seem too much to scream about this particular drink. It’s relatively cheap for sparkling juice that isn’t cordial-based maybe, but is that it?

That being said, this local team is definitely doing something right. They kicked off production with over 250,000 bottles produced monthly in their first year, and have seen rapid expansion not just in Malaysia but to several other countries.

So How The “Juice” Did They Do It?

The HAUSBOOM team (Image Credit: HAUSBOOM)

According to CEO Azri Zahir Azmi, it’s because he jumped straight into the deep end from the get-go. After doing their initial market research, they went straight into mass production.

“We have expanded our production capacity by five-fold just within the first year of the business by investing into a 4-acre factory, state of the art production equipment from Germany, manpower plus business consultants for good business practice,” said Azri.

All of HAUSBOOM’s drinks are locally manufactured, with their fruit extracts sourced from overseas.

Their next stage is some aggressive marketing and expansion. This is where their volume comes in handy.

Besides retailing in popular chains like 7-11 and 99 Speedmart, the brand gained a bit of street cred by also making appearances in millennial-loved cafés, restaurants and coffee shops.

This includes Project Maging Steakhouse, Makan Dalam Cafe Banting, and Diorama Eattery among others.

They’re also available in 6 countries other than Malaysia namely Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

Why Not Just Focus On Malaysia?

“The market overseas is bigger with higher purchasing power. Presence in overseas markets (especially in the UK, US, EU) will strengthen the brand in its local market.”

As for actually getting people to carry their products there, Azri doesn’t think that the negotiations are hard. Instead, his concerns lie in laying down the ground-work. For one thing they get local partners in every country they sell in.

“We don’t want to simply send one container load and that’s all. We have a proper study done by our agency on the market, product positioning, advertising and promotions.”

They’re not resting on their laurels and are even attempting to break into the European market next.

But rapid growing isn’t always peaches and strawberries (one of which, incidentally, is a flavour that they offer).

Their fourth month into business, the team actually faced a—some would argue great—situation where they were out of stock.

“The HAUSBOOM team currently operates with a staff of 50 people and we are growing aggressively in our Human Resource expansion plan to meet the unexpected market demand globally,” Azri also said.

Azri personally doesn’t feel threatened by any international brand, and perhaps it is true that right now we don’t have any household name for sparkling fruit juices.

Why Aren’t They A Household Name In Malaysia?

But like any F&B product, there’s no point in being available in so many retail stores if customers are just going to glance over your products.

And to this end, HAUSBOOM has engaged local influencers to get their name out there.

The team states that they’re working on acquiring more names for their marketing incentives, and on top of their speedy expansion plan, it does seem like the team is doing something right pushing aggressively from the get-go.

Some people might argue that this is only possible because the team did have the capital to start out with a factory in the first place.

But without the marketing and selling smarts to push that brand, all of those glass bottles of HAUSBOOM would just end up in the garbage somewhere, expired and unused.

In my opinion, the team still has some work ahead of them to get HAUSBOOM’s brand recognition out there.

I’m not quite sure of what the market is like in the other six countries, but as far as Malaysia goes, HAUSBOOM isn’t yet an immediately recognisable name to many Malaysians, especially the ideal millennial market who would be willing to buy similar types of drinks.

Right now, HAUSBOOM is available through both retail, roving trucks (MyNews Mobile) as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Their long term goal?

To eventually become the leading and an award-winning halal beverage manufacturing company and the preferred beverage business partner locally, regionally and globally.

Feature Image Credit: HAUSBOOMBangsar on Instagram

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