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What were some post-school activities that you did as a student?

If you’re like me, nothing exactly productive or tedious, given that most hours are pretty much dedicated to chasing deadlines and last-minute cramming for tests.

But of course, there are those pursuing their interests out of their study time.

From carving a portfolio for themselves to setting up their own entrepreneurial ventures, one wonders how 24 hours a day is enough for these busy millennials.

This was exactly what came to my mind when I found out that the brains behind Ready Set Sail 2017, the first and largest foam and water gun party at sea in Singapore, were both full-time undergraduates.

We got in touch with the duo and found out more about their hopes for the event.

“It’s All About Being Disciplined And Enjoying The Hustle”

Ready Set Sail 2017

Leong Charlie and Joshua Yap, both 22, are the co-organisers of the offshore event happening this weekend.

Joshua is currently a Psychology student at the National University of Singapore, and he’s also the co-founder of Clout Collective – a youth events management and marketing company.

He readily admits that his studies actually come in handy for his business, “[giving him] an edge when it came to marketing and negotiation with several stakeholders”.

“For myself, psychology has helped me in understanding people […] These skills, I believe, will go beyond just this event but aid in the rest of my entrepreneurial journey.”

Alongside studying arts management in LASALLE, Charlie is also a Project Manager at Yolk Concepts, an F&B and nightlife entertainment consultancy company.

She, too, agrees that her course is helping her greatly in her line of work, especially when it comes to managing events and communicating in an effective manner.

But organising a party on such a large scale doesn’t just happen over a few nights.

How much time are they taking out of their schooldays to make sure everything is in order?

Joshua (Right) / Image Credit: Joshua Yap

Shared Joshua, “We’re investing most of our nights running our own separate businesses and planning for this event. We spend most of our days in school and studying. Any spare time we have within the day, we either spend them working on our other company projects.”

“Simply put, we spend at least 8 to 9 hours a day working on our businesses.”

And how are they handling the stresses of work and school without a hitch?

“I don’t,” laughs Joshua.

“Just kidding! Honestly, I think that it’s all about being disciplined and enjoying the hustle. Whenever I get tired of working, I take a break and read my school notes. When I get tired of studying, I go back to my business drawing board. Other than that, I just ensure that I plan my daily schedule well and that I don’t have any pockets of wasted time.”

For Charlie, being disciplined in following a schedule is what gets her through the hectic times.

“It’s not easy [but] I ensure that I spend every hour of the day doing something productive and ensure that I achieve my daily targets before I go to bed.”

Meetings In The Day, Partying At Night

Leong Charlie

I hope the youth of our generation, while tirelessly striving to be the best, can also look back and say ‘Wow that was so much fun’ instead of growing up and realising they have missed the golden years of their youth. And yes, school is important, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on real opportunities that would give me greater life lessons.

– Charlie, co-organiser of Ready Set Sail 2017

Having had the experience of organising party cruise event Poseidon last year, Joshua was inspired this time to create an It’s The Ship-like event that’s affordable for young millennials.

And it’s working.

Response for Ready Set Sail 2017 has been “great”, and Charlie shares that “Our demand for VIP packages were beyond expectations!”

Image Credit: Ready Set Sail 2017
Image Credit: Ready Set Sail 2017

But organising an event on such a scale also came with a fair amount of setbacks and challenges – especially when it came to cost control.

Fortunately, however, the duo managed to pull through by reaching out to overseas contacts in Malaysia and China for cheaper alternatives.

“The entertainment industry is not as fun as most expect it to be – people do not usually see the intensive planning behind the scenes.”

“For example, we can have meetings with suppliers and partners in the day like an average working adult, but we also have to hustle at night with the party-goers to make sure the cruise party can be a success and sales are happening,” revealed Joshua.

But at the end of the day, as long as everyone is having fun, I am satisfied.

Just The Beginning

When asked if they have any ‘dream events’ that they wish to organise in the future, Joshua reveals his wish to “create a worldwide-recognised music festival like tomorrowland or Ultra”.

With a notebook full of fresh and creative concepts, the young entertainment entrepreneur counts his ideas as his assets, and wants to bring Clout Collective to party-goers beyond Singapore.

“I want to inspire others to chase their dreams like how I’m chasing mine.”

“Clout, as the name suggests, is about influence and respect, and I hope that Clout can one day be the most respectable entertainment company in Asia, spreading joy through entertainment and using our brand equity to champion a positive impact for our future.”

Ticket sales have already closed, but feel free to check out their website and Facebook page for more information!

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