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Halloween’s upon us in a heartbeat and hands up those who are undyingly adamant about getting a costume that is not Disney-referenced like the rest of the world, according to trending costume searches on Google? Why not go for techie-inspired ones that are almost sure to blow a mind or two from their quirky and unorthodox nature?

Here are 7 awesome Halloween costume ideas that we’ve found, which salute technology and social media. They truly send shivers up our spine as to their origins and technological references, especially for the selfie generation that we shamelessly are. In case you still have any doubt that these costume ideas would only appeal to tech geeks, let us put this disclaimer then: the following Halloween 2014 costume ideas are most definitely Instagram, Facebook and YouTube-worthy!

1. Beating Heart Zombie Morphsuit

Image Credit: Morphsuits
Image Credit: Morphsuits

The first three of our compilation list, stem from the collections of MorphCostumes. Their line of costumes are spearheaded by Mark Rober, as reported by Wired, a former NASA engineer-turned-awesome maker of various skin-crawling T-shirts and costumes. His patented technology-friendly designs, under his original brand titled Digital Dudz, smoothly sync their very own mobile app videos with the company’s physical shirts, headgears or bodysuits.

Gleefully gross your friends out with an exposed ‘live’ beating heart. You can do so with their integrated hidden pouch and slip on your mobile device into your everyday dressing, or with a full-on zombie bodysuit. The free app even includes additional videos such as of creepy crawling snakes and maggots to ghoulishly switch things up the entire night.

Image Credit: Digital Dudz
Image Credit: Digital Dudz

2. Wandering Eyeball Morphsuit

Next on the list is the wandering eyeball which will fascinate, if not freak out anyone that falls under its ominous gaze. Use the eyeball mobile app video with a chilling porcelain doll T-shirt or a murderous killer clown mask.

Image Credit: Morphsuit
Image Credit: Morphsuits

3. Cyborg Mask

Number 3 is the unusual and ever relevant Cyborg laser sight scan. Be the fodder of the night as paranoid people whisper about the mechanics behind your shirt or costume, or else become helplessly hypnotised by the relooping nature of the video app.

Image Credit: Morphsuits
Image Credit: Morphsuits

4. Glowing Stickman

Be one of the trendiest parents around this year by dressing up your children in simply tickling fun mini stickman LED costumes. Emerging from an unprecedented response after posting a homemade version of the costume on his 2-year-old daughter online, and being featured on US talk shows last Halloween, the online business of Glowy Zoey emerged from Zoey’s father, Mr Royce Hutain.

This uber-cool costume can blow up the LED bulbs as strongly as a mile’s distance away, with the adult versions being assembled with 150-190 LED lights. The most delightful part? Costumes come with a controller with up to 6 brightness levels and flashing modes (steady on, fast pulse, pulse, blink, flash, strobe).


Perhaps to poignantly coincide with the festive Halloween season, Mr Hutain rummaged up an entirely new version of the costume for his already adorable tyke – a rainbow-hued voice-sensitive Minnie Mouse costume with 372 LEDs. We couldn’t resist posting the video proof and all its cuteness overload here.

5. Ice Bucket Challenge Costume

What is the one viral video that people will most remember in 2014? Or rather, multiple viral videos that have now considerably calmed down in its manic replication on social media worldwide? It starts with an A.

No, not the Apple-satiric Ikea brilliant promotional video.

It’s… the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of course. Or have the videos been blacked out from your Facebook and Twitter feed for good? Well, if you had deliberately skipped being involved in the frenzy of it all, and have now  a twinge of regret in missing out on the movement, then this costume is for you.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge costume, which might we add, doesn’t just end itself with a splash in 3 seconds. In fact, it could light up awareness the whole night long if you plan it right. This costume features light-up ice cubes which are specially made just for the costume and would have people nodding in fervent approval anywhere you go.

Here’s how these DIY experts on YouTube, over at the Threadbangers channel, go about it but just like the videos and its multiple schizophrenic-like spinoffs, it’s expected that you take on this Ice Bucket costume, in your own creatively unique way.

6. Emoji Mask

The last two Halloween costume ideas pay homage to current everyday technology tools. The twist is that they are very easy to wear. The first are emoji masks. Yes, those exact same emojis you use in your Whatsapp and also on your Facebook status updates. The folks over at EmojiMasks.com have 5 emoji designs for sale. Gather up your mates, ditch social media itself, and make the rounds at parties with these on the fateful night.

Image Credit: emojimasks.com
Image Credit: emojimasks.com

7. Social Media Costume

Lastly, we guarantee this costume idea would be instantly recognised, and get ready to be accosted by the regular Generation-Y man on the street for a photo opportunity. Together with your friends proudly show off in public the world’s current obsessive usage of social media apps and tools – by being the entire collection of the social media suite. The more the merrier, we say.

Image Credit: showeredinsparkles.com
Image Credit: showeredinsparkles.com

Special mention:

To hinge on the idea of technology’s usage for Halloween costume ideas with friends, we could not help but add this ‘Pacman and friends’ idea to the pack. This idea is gold for those who are nostalgic about the simpler times of technology, of old handheld games and such. Check out how it is done here.

Image Credit: mistylynnwhat.blogspot.com
Image Credit: mistylynnwhat.blogspot.com

This Halloween, embrace technology and glorify its usefulness in numerous ways with out-of-the-box costume ideas – we dare you. And, don’t forget to take a deliciously gruesome selfie while you’re at it!

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