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If you think mums are not digitally savvy, think again.

According to a recent survey by Southeast Asia’s largest online parenting destination theAsianparent.com, Asian mums has gone digital with over 80% of women in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia increasing their usage of the Internet once they become mums.


The “2014 Asian Digital Mum” survey found that digital channels attract more mums than traditional channels like newspapers, TV and magazines. The survey revealed that mums increasingly surf on ­the­ go with their phones to check email, visit parenting sites and use social media, and, are the primary purchase decision makers of their households.

After becoming a mum, I really do not have the time nor interest to read magazines or newspapers. Watching TV is also out, as I believe babies should have no screen time until they are at least one years old. As a new mother, my baby is mostly with me”, shared theAsianparent.com Associate Editor, Justina Goh, 33, mother of a 15­month old baby girl.

usage of smartphones by mums in singapore

The survey also highlighted a few interesting points. The Internet is now the key platform for mums across Southeast Asia. 80% of Asian women increase their Internet usage once they become mums. TV, meanwhile, faces significant loss as 58% of mums spend less hours watching TV after entering motherhood.

On top of that, Southeast Asian mums are mobile­ first and they surf on ­the ­go. While they connect online using a variety of devices such as PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, 99% of Asian digital mums own a smartphone.

In terms of conversation and communication, Facebook and Google+ are the two most used social platforms for mums in Southeast Asia. Unsurprisingly, two of the most used messaging apps are WhatsApp and Line.

asian mums social media

These insights were revealed in theAsianparent.com’s “2014 Asian Digital Mum” survey which offers marketeers new insights into how mums in the region engage online from over 10,000 respondents.

The online parenting company also announced the launch of its new market research arm, theAsianparent Insights. The Insights group will work with marketeers and agencies to tap into the knowledge of over 1.2 million mums who are now one of most important consumer group in the South East Asian region.

Increasingly, as the social media generation grows older and become new dads and mums, there will definitely be more and more parents using social media and consuming content through these social networks.

If you are going to be a mum soon, know this for sure: your Internet usage will increase.

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