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Ready, Set, Go...Jek: Bookmark This List For Go-Jek Singapore Promo Codes

Ever since Uber left the roads of Singapore, commuters have considered this period a dark time in the local ride-hailing scene.

But, let’s be honest.

It’s not healthy industry competition that we, as consumers, really care about, but the competitive prices that come with it.

So it’s no surprise that all of Singapore awaited the entrance of Go-Jek eagerly, because in truth we’re actually cheering that the void of promo codes will be filled once again.

Like you, we’re keeping a close lookout for all the discounts that Singapore’s newest ride-hailing firm is ready to offer.

Here’s a list we have compiled.

1. 2 x $5 Vouchers For DBS Users

From the outset, Go-Jek offered priority to DBS users upon the launch of their beta app in Singapore.

When you set up an account on the Go-Jek app, you’ll be prompted to key in a promo code to put you on the top of the waiting list if you’re a DBS or POSB card holder.

The code is unique to your account, and you’ll have to type “DBS” followed by the first 6 digits of your American Express, Mastercard, or Visa DBS/POSB card. For example: “DBS012345”.

Once you enter this code, you’ll receive two $5 vouchers that will be automatically applied to your first two Go-Car rides.

Receive Vouchers In-App

Within the first few days of operations, some beta users have already been receiving new vouchers pushed to them in the Go-Jek app.

go-jek promo code
Screenshot from a Go-Jek user

These vouchers don’t seem to require keying in any promo codes, so check “My Vouchers” in the app from time to time to see if you have been given a discount.

We will be continually updating this list as more promo codes are released. Check back again for more!


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