Razer will also be working with the Chinese automotive company to bring their signature Chroma lighting to future car models.

Jared Alex Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2019-08-05 16:25:05

Every once in a while the folks at Razer come up with an outlandish, out-of-the-box idea — the now-iconic Razer Toaster will forever be a testament to that, and CEO Min-Liang Tan recently flirted with the possibility of Razer cup noodles as well.

And well, it looks like it’s time for another one.

Today the gaming peripheral company announced that it would be embarking on a slightly-more-sensible-but-equally-questionable collaboration with Chinese automobile company NIO, to create a limited edition fleet of the latter’s ES6 Night Explorer SUV.

What makes it limited edition, exactly? It’s all in the aesthetics, actually — the car is subtly covered in Razer green trims, and features Razer’s triple-headed snake logo on the side. It’ll only be available in China, and is limited to 88 units (of course).

Image Credit: Razer

While might not seem like much, what’s more interesting here is that the two companies will continue working together to — get this — bring Razer’s signature Chroma lighting to future car models.

According to a press release, this will include “customisable lighting effects for the passenger compartment, audio visualisation features, and synchronisation and game integrations by tapping into the ambient RGB lighting controls for a truly immersive experience.”

We’re not sure who would want a Chroma car, but considering that people have gotten tattoos of the aforementioned Razer Toaster, we can’t say we’re completely surprised. Can’t wait for the inevitable Chroma house, guys.

Header Image Credit: Razer

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