Send Noods? Mamee Monster Reaches Out To Min-Liang Tan To Make Razer Cup Noodles A Reality

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan is known to be incredibly active on social media, posting everything from product updates to random musings to critiques on people’s strategies for sneaking into LAN shops on a daily basis.


And while these posts are mainly for keeping in touch with the community, they sometimes lead to some rather out of the box ideas as well.

Case in point: a single comment by a fan made Tan “waste an entire day” on designing and engineering a prototype for…Razer Cup Noodles.

Tan himself said that cup noodles were something Razer would “never make or release,” but that’s not stopping people from trying anyway.

In a recent Facebook post Tan revealed that the folks at Mamee Monster reached out for a collaboration, offering to turn his cup noodle dreams into a reality.

The Malaysian snack company even attached a picture, showing a mockup of wasabi cup noodles with their mascot gaming in the background (using Razer products, of course). If that’s not commitment, we don’t know what is.

At the very least the proposition has intrigued Tan, who said that he’s “literally eaten this while gaming before.”

While this could end up being harmless marketing banter between two companies, it wouldn’t be the first time a supposed joke turned into an actual product.

After a 6-year campaign by fans that included a memes, a Facebook page, and tattoos, Tan announced in April that he would make the Razer toaster an actual product.

Between this and their recently released Respawn energy drink, could Razer be moving into the F&B business? Considering their track record, we wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

Image Credit: Facebook – Min-Liang Tan

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