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Some people dream of getting hitched at grand places: an old castle overlooking the hills, a massive church, or maybe a wedding in Paris. While those sound wonderful and dream-like, it is often not realistic, considering the cost of organising anything overseas.

Luckily, in Malaysia, we’re not short of scenic views. What is a little more competitive is securing the best dates. 

If you want your big day to fall on a “nice date”, for 2020, you’d know most of the local popular wedding spots are booked out by now, especially on dates such as 12/12/2020 or 8/8/2020.

Trivia Time: Some Chinese couples place a lot of importance on auspicious wedding dates because of the belief that they signify joy, prosperity and harmony in the marriage. 

A new venue looked at the situation, and they came up with their own unique approach for couples wanting the best of feng shui-endorsed dates.

Let The Twin Towers Be The Tallest Witnesses At Your Wedding

You might know Colony as a brand that operates luxury coworking spaces.

But how does it measure up as a wedding location? 

Well, Colony’s latest coworking space, located at Star Boulevard KLCC, has a rooftop garden with a breathtaking view of KLCC behind it along with a grand ballroom.

Image Credit: Colony

According to the Colony team, the ballroom is able to fit 200-250 guests with roughly 20 round tables. If the couple wants to have Viking style seating, the ballroom can fit roughly 150 guests.

As for the rooftop garden, it can fit 50 seated guests—perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. 

The layout of the rooftop garden is fully customisable to suit your wedding theme. They don’t have existing non-removable furniture that will ruin those crucial shots.

Having a wedding here means that you will be able to have all your major events in one place. Have the ceremony on the rooftop, move to the ballroom for the luncheon and dinner, then reset the rooftop for an afterparty with the KL night skyline as your backdrop. 

Image Credit: Colony

Colony’s reputation was built on their expertise with hospitality, and the team also has experience with large-scale events. And yes, they’ve dealt with high-stress wedding situations before. So they’ll be there to provide support on your big day.

But along to the solution…

May The Bids Ever Be In Your Favour

Colony has actually chosen to have a silent auction for the following auspicious dates: 6/6/2020, 8/8/2020, 10/10/2020 and 12/12/2020.

Dictionary Time: A silent auction is just like a normal auction, but bidding is done anonymously and privately. Bidders usually are only allowed to bid once, and will not know the current high bid. 

We asked the team about choosing the silent auction format. After all, wouldn’t running a normal auction mean that they can drive prices up higher, with couples trying to outbid the competition for the best dates?

The Colony team told us, “It would be quite stressful for couples if they were to always be notified when someone bids higher. Wedding planning is already stressful enough.” 

Bidding is easy. Just go to the Silent Auction page and submit your bid. The bids start at RM20,000 with a minimum increment of RM1,500. Each bidder is only entitled to bid once, and the winner will be the one with the highest bid.

Disclaimer: Do note that the submission of a bid means that you are entering into an agreement to rent the venue at the offered price.

The winner will then have access to the Ballroom and rooftop garden for the whole day, along with access to a complimentary luxe suite as a bridal room to do their makeup, for storage and more.

Image Credit: Colony

During registration, there is a secondary preferred date category that can be filled. This is actually a consolation prize for those who failed to win the bid. 

If your secondary preferred date is not on a blackout date (i.e. busy dates where discounts for hotels or fares are not applicable, usually on a busy season), Colony will waive the rental of the rooftop garden.

For context, the rent for the ballroom and rooftop garden is normally priced at RM17,000, and the rental of the ballroom alone is RM15,000 (prices subject to change). If you just want to rent the rooftop garden, it will cost you around RM5,000.

The auction is already ongoing and will end on the 12th of October 2019. So make sure you submit your bid before then.

If you’re still on the fence, Colony will also be holding a Wedding Fair at the Colony Star Boulevard KLCC on the 5th of October. The place will be designed to look like an actual wedding is going on, so you can walk in and be inspired.

  • Find out more about the silent auction for the Colony Star Boulevard KLCC venue here.

Featured Image Credit: Colony

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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